Podcast Episode 025, 44 min
Why Your Church Needs A Website And Social Media, with Josh Givens (Ep 25)

Karl Vaters: And for me with those, what I do is if I put something out, sometimes it’s just an announcement and people go, I'll be there, and you don't necessarily have to respond to that. But especially if you're asking a question and if it's going to be a prayer request thing, what I'll do is I'll go to my phone and I'll make a note in there, like two days from now, check this post, to remind myself. Because there is a lot of stuff going on, we can forget about things, but a simple follow-up is really helpful.

So we're skimming across the surface of this, of course, but that's some of the social media stuff. Now let's take a look at the website and a couple of questions that I know most small church pastors are going to have when they hear you have to have a website. Question numbers one and two are going to be, How do I do this if I have absolutely no technical expertise? And two, without it costing me a ton of money. I get that I'm going to have to spend something in order to actually own it, but when we go to web design companies, the money starts mounting up real fast and it feels to a small church pastor especially, I'm not going to get a website that I'm not embarrassed by unless I spend several thousand dollars. So how do we begin to approach that?

Josh Givens: The first question I always have to ask right out of the gate is what's your budget like. And if your budget is hardly anything at all, you're going to be looking at the resources like WordPress. You're going to be looking at resources like weebly.com, where you can build a website or even a blog site that looks like a website and functions like a website. And where you can still maintain complete control of all the content that's there and everything that is posted there and all of the pages, and you can design it to look the way that you want it to look. But you are going to be - particularly with Weebly and even in some ways with WordPress - you're going to be designing within the themes that they have in most cases.

Karl Vaters: Right. Now, you're talking wordpress.com, not wordpress.org. Because.org is very robust, and that's what, like, half the websites in the world are built on or something like that. But wordpress.com is basically out of the box.

Josh Givens: Right, right out of box.

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April 18, 2022

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