Small Church Ministry

Small Church Ministry
The Church Is Stronger When Small Congregations Are Encouraged, Resourced And Engaged
When their concerns are heard and addressed, small congregations get healthier, and the entire church is stronger.

The body of Christ can't afford to alienate small churches any longer.

Especially since we make up 90 percent of churches, where half of all Christians attend, worship and minister.

Imagine any other group in which that large a segment of its population regularly felt marginalized, ...

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Small Church Ministry
If Our Church Was Bigger, We Could…
There’s not a single command to the church that cannot be accomplished by two or three people who love Jesus, each other, and the community they’re called to reach. 

Pastoring a small church can be frustrating.

We look around at our big church counterparts and it’s easy to wonder what it would be like if our church had all those resources.

So, sometimes we play the “what if...” game.

We imagine ourselves in those churches, ...

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Small Church Ministry
6 Benefits of Embracing the Fact that You’re a Small Church Pastor
If you’re a small church pastor, don’t resist it, embrace it. Then be great at it.

Discovering and embracing the fact that I am a small church pastor was one of the most liberating moments of my life.

It took me years to get there, but once I did… wow! What a relief!

As I’ve outlined in The Grasshopper Myth, I went through a lot of years not willing ...

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Small Church Ministry
The World's Best Small Churches
What if every small church stopped worrying about getting bigger, and decided to be a great church starting right now?

No one will ever make a list of the best small churches in the world.

And they shouldn’t.

After all, a great urban small church looks very different from a great rural one. Same with a great Baptist and Methodist church. Or a great small church in Japan or Costa Rica.

Even ...

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Small Church Ministry
Coming In 2018, “Small Church Essentials” Is Just Around The Corner
An all-new book, featuring a nuts-and-bolts approach to pastoring a small church well.

It's coming!

Yesterday, I sent the manuscript for my next book into the publisher.

After decades of living it, years of teaching it, and months of writing it, “Small Church Essentials” is in the capable hands of the great editors at Moody Press.

Here are some details.

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Small Church Ministry
Is A Successful Small Church An Oxymoron?
If we hope to overcome the perception that “successful small church” is an oxymoron, we have to redefine success the way Jesus did.

Is the term “Successful Small Church” an oxymoron?

You know, like

  • Jumbo shrimp
  • Deafening silence
  • Awfully good
  • Genuine imitation
  • Icy hot
  • Open secret
  • Living dead
  • Clean dirt
  • Alone together

Or, more sarcastically,

  • Microsoft Works
  • Smart bombs
  • Educational television

When I first considered ...

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Small Church Ministry
The Endlessly Fascinating Microbiology Of Small Church Ministry
Small churches are to megachurches as microbiology is to astronomy. One is small, one is huge, both have value.

When you love something, there's always more to discover in it. That was the essence of a conversation I had recently about the value of small church ministry.

It began with a question.

"What you're doing with small churches is great, but won't you have to expand ...

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Small Church Ministry
Thom Rainer and Lawrence Wilson Interview Karl Vaters About Small Churches
These two interviews (one podcast, one written) might give you a new perspective on small church ministry.

Small churches are becoming big news!

Recently, I had the chance to be interviewed about small churches by two great ministries.

Both interviews were published this week. One in a podcast, the other in a written article.

1. The Thom Rainer Leadership Podcast #338

First, I was honored ...

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Small Church Ministry
The Mixed Blessings Of Scalable Church
We need to understand why a church is small before we can know if its size is a problem to overcome or an opportunity to capitalize on.

Some things become better when they become scalable.

Some don’t.

Some have mixed results.

This is true for churches.

The Positives And Negatives Of Scalability

For instance, the car I drive is cheaper, safer and more fuel-efficient because the assembly line made automobile ...

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Small Church Ministry
Why Are There So Many Unhealthy Small Churches? (Don't Worry, It's Good News)
There are 90 unhealthy small churches to every unhealthy megachurch because small churches outnumber megachurches by about 90 to 1.

I like the idea of small churches. But if they’re so great, why do I see so many more unhealthy small churches than unhealthy big churches?

A small church pastor asked me that question recently. Not from cynicism or unkindness. It was out of genuine concern for a reality ...

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