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Former Mars Hill Elders: Mark Driscoll Is Still ‘Unrepentant,’ Unfit to Pastor
Dozens of leaders from the preacher’s former congregation are calling for him to resign from The Trinity Church, where departing members are raising familiar concerns.
DC Settles $220K Capitol Hill Baptist Lawsuit
UPDATE: Mark Dever’s church has its legal fees covered in the latest legal victory among congregations who sued over worship service limits during lockdown.
How Thousands of Sermons Addressed the Crises of 2020
Pew analyzes how pastors across traditions preached on COVID-19, the election, and racism.
How COVID-19 Reshaped Campus Ministry
As students report high levels of anxiety and isolation in a new InterVarsity survey, ministry leaders look to small groups to provide community for Gen Z.
While Southern Baptists Debate Critical Race Theory, Black Pastors Keep Hoping for Change
Frank I. Williams of the Bronx is optimistic the convention can continue to address racism and promote diversity—if leaders like him commit to being part of the solution.
Miami-Area Churches Pray for Miracles, Minister to Rescue Teams After Condo Collapse
Nearby congregations offer snacks and spiritual care to those tasked with “bringing order to the chaos.”
O For Six Unmasked Tongues to Sing: England Still Quieting Worship
Bands are rocking post-pandemic services, but congregants can’t yet join in.
Southern Baptists Approve Major Investigation Into Abuse Response
Pastors speaking on behalf of victims pushed for a task force to direct inquiry into the Executive Committee.
Southern Baptists Elect Ed Litton as New President
The Alabama pastor, known for his inclusion of women and work on racial justice, beat out Mike Stone of the Conservative Baptist Network in a runoff.
Southern Baptists Take Sides Ahead of Nashville Meeting
A recent call to investigate the Executive Committee over abuse responses is the latest issue up for debate. Opposing factions in the SBC both say its future is at stake.
China Sanctions Evangelical Leader Who Called Out Religious Freedom Violations
Johnnie Moore, an outgoing USCIRF commissioner, spoke up to ask governments to stop ignoring Chinese treatment of Uighur Muslims, Christians, and Tibetan Buddhists.
Southern Baptists Prep for Biggest Convention in 24 Years
President J. D. Greear calls for prayers for gospel unity ahead of the Nashville gathering.
Southern Baptist Church Planting Up in 2020, But Baptisms Plunge by Half
The pandemic accelerates more than a decade of decline for the denomination.
Is It Discrimination or ‘Do No Harm’? Christian Doctors Gear Up for Transgender Debates
As HHS challenges continue to play out in court, the Christian Medical and Dental Associations provides a more robust position statement on treating patients with gender dysphoria.
White Evangelical Pastors Hesitant to Preach Vaccines
Advocates say more subtle approaches and one-on-one engagement may actually do more to inform the unvaccinated without further dividing the faithful.
Christians ‘Pray the News’ in a Year of Doomscrolling
Ministries offer tips for how to give heartbreaking headlines over to God.
Ashes to Ashes: How St. Vincent Churches Keep Hope After Recent Volcanic Eruption
Water and supplies from ministry partners represent the gospel in action during the biggest disaster on the island in a generation.
Black Millennials and Gen Z Becoming More Cynical Toward Christian Identity
A generational gap in affiliation is growing among America’s most devout demographic.
Police Block and Barricade Canadian Church Over COVID-19 Violations
The pastor of the Alberta congregation recently spent a month in jail for repeated refusals to comply.
InterVarsity Wins Suit Against Wayne State
UPDATE: University’s nondiscrimination policy unconstitutionally discriminated against the campus ministry.