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After Shooting, Churches Navigate China-Taiwan Tensions Under the Surface
While Presbyterian Church in Taiwan has historic ties to the push for independence, most Chinese congregations in the US avoid highlighting the ongoing political polarization.
Elderly Taiwanese Church in California Attacked by Shooter
Members showed “exceptional heroism and bravery” as they overtook the gunman, who killed one person and wounded five.
Southern Baptists Drop 1.1 Million Members in Three Years
Baptism tallies, though, are beginning to recover from 2020’s pandemic plunge.
White Evangelicals Twice as Likely to Want to Ban Abortion
Ahead of a possible decision to rescind Roe v. Wade, Pew Research finds most Americans and most believers hold convictions with exceptions.
This Is and Isn’t the Moment Pro-Life Evangelicals Have Waited For
“Roe v. Wade” opponents celebrate the Supreme Court’s move to overturn federal abortion rights while raising concerns about the leaked decision.
Supreme Court: Boston Should Have Let the Christian Flag Fly
In a unanimous ruling, justices agree the city violated the First Amendment by keeping religious views out of a space being used as a public forum.
Church of Scotland Ready to Approve Same-Sex Marriage
Traditionalist minority worry disagreement on the issue will make it harder to work together on mission.
Americans’ Return to Church Has Plateaued
Two years in, more congregations are open without COVID-19 precautions, but Americans aren’t more likely to show up.
Ontario’s Most Influential Pastor Resigns Following Abuse Investigation
Anabaptist Bruxy Cavey preached “Jesus over religion” and drew record crowds of Canadians who were put off by traditional church. Now they’re reckoning with their former leader’s misconduct.
Moldova Welcomes 100K Ukraine Refugees, With Evangelicals Opening Doors
The neighboring country focuses on hospitality while hoping Russian violence doesn’t cross its border.
Russia Keeps Punishing Evangelicals in Crimea
Last year, there was an uptick in fines to Protestants and fellow religious minorities in the region annexed from Ukraine.
We’re Not Mad Enough at Death
Dying is a fact of life. It’s also the enemy we’re called to resist.
Bible Gateway Removes The Passion Translation
Popular among charismatics, the “heart-level” Bible version was criticized as a paraphrase posing as translation.
Amazon Primes a Sunday Work Dilemma
With two delivery drivers suing over schedules, Sabbatarian Christians find their observance increasingly countercultural in a 24/7 economy.
9 in 10 Evangelicals Don’t Think Sermons Are Too Long
Even with recent divides in congregations, survey finds high levels of satisfaction among churchgoers.
Church Leaders Are Still Waiting for Volunteers to Come Back
Gallup survey found involvement in religious service dropped again in 2021.
Big Daddy Weave Bassist Jay Weaver Dies at 42
Weaver, who lost both his legs in 2016, spoke and sung of God’s faithfulness during two decades of health struggles.
State of Giving: Pandemic Trends Defy Ministry Expectations
Camps and conferences, a sector that had been dramatically affected by COVID-19 shutdowns, actually saw the biggest boost in funds and historic levels of support.
Josh Duggar Found Guilty in Child Sex Abuse Materials Case
Advocate: “The right result happened not because of the faith community, not the family, or even the church.”
Vaccine Debates Are Responsible for 2021’s Fastest-Growing Bible Search Term: Sorcery
Does Scripture warn about Big Pharma? Endorse mask-wearing? Christians Googled for answers in 2021.