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Anti-Trafficking Ministries Now Fight QAnon Conspiracies Too
Online myths and misinformation are becoming more of a distraction from their work.
The Potter’s House Denver Sells Property, Goes Virtual
The congregation in T. D. Jakes’s network is one of the biggest to shutter its doors due to COVID-19 constraints.
D Is for Discipleship. E Is for Eschaton.
It’s a new golden age of children’s books filled to the brim with theology—and imagination.
New IVP Head Wants to Help More Diverse Readers Believe
Publishing veteran Terumi Echols named the next president of the 75-year-old evangelical book publisher.
Faced with Allegations, Anglicans Want to Change the Trajectory of Abuse Response
Update: Investigation into mishandled case in Wheaton expands with further allegations of abuses of power.
Why Congregations Aren’t Waiting to Leave the United Methodist Church
With a denominational split delayed, some are willing to pay big to exit now.
Andrew Peterson’s Wingfeather Saga Raises $5M for TV Series
On a new platform called Angel Studios, the campaign broke crowdfunding records set by “The Chosen.”
Wheaton’s New Jim Elliot Plaque Does More Than Remove ‘Savage’
The revised memorial takes a longer view at the well-known story of the missionaries killed by the Waorani.
After Three Lockdowns, Irish Churches Can Finally Meet Again
Pastors gear up to welcome evangelicals back to the “greater glory” of church life following 14 months of isolation.
Crisis Chaplains Return to Minneapolis After Daunte Wright Killing
The spiritual care ministry finds itself responding to more situations of “civil unrest” following recent shootings and police killings.
Churches Plunge Ahead with Easter Baptisms
New converts show the impact of distanced discipleship during pandemic shutdowns.
Wheaton Pulls Jim Elliot Missionary Plaque to Reword ‘Savage’ Description
The college plans to update the inscription to “reflect the full dignity” of the Waorani tribe.
A Kentucky Church’s Secret to Handling Abuse Allegations: Humility
Tates Creek Presbyterian won praise for its transparent investigation. Then it had to do it again.
Women’s Conference Funds $1 Million Bible Translation in 5 Hours
IF: Gathering kicks off crowdfunding campaign where donors sponsor a verse a month toward global Scripture access by 2033.
When Can Pastors Get the COVID-19 Vaccine?
At least 18 states name clergy in their rollout plans.
How Can Christians Stand Against Abortion During the Biden Administration?
Advocates offer strategies to uphold the sanctity of the unborn even without the support of Congress and the White House.
Lauren Daigle’s Christmas Cheer Doesn’t Pause for a Pandemic
Ahead of her first televised special, the chart-topping Christian artist told CT her music has taken on special meaning in 2020.
Pro-Life Women Surge in Congress
Even after doubling the number of GOP women in the House, abortion restrictions still face an uphill battle with a Democratic majority.
Ballot Initiatives Could Tighten Abortion Laws in Colorado, Louisiana
Plus voters in several other states weigh in on sex ed, armed defense in churches, and more.
Meet the Evangelicals Who Won’t Vote for Trump, Biden, or Anybody at All
They’re not apathetic. Convicted nonvoters think Christian citizenship calls for a different kind of engagement.