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Moral Failures by Christian Leaders Are a Huge Problem. Can New Standards Help?
ECFA is adding leadership integrity to its accountability criteria.
How to Pray with ADHD
Christians with neurodivergence are exploring other options for devotions and Bible study.
Died: Mark Lowrey, Founder of PCA Campus Ministries
He started Reformed University Fellowship with a vision of students ministering to students and learning to love the local church.
Korean American Methodists Struggle to Split from UMC
Some conservative churches that voted to disaffiliate say the denomination has responded by forcing out their pastors and charging them millions to keep their property.
Pastors with ADHD Can Burn Out or Shine
A swath of energetic, charismatic ministry leaders fight for focus.
Two Congregations Force LGBT Debate on Evangelical Covenant Church
UPDATE: One church has left voluntarily and another voted out over human sexuality.
As Methodist Exits Hit 5,800, Some Churches Find Paths Blocked
(UPDATED) The costs and complications of UMC disaffiliation are leaving many congregations stuck.
PCA’s 50th Anniversary Comes During a Season of Grief
Presbyterians expect less fight and more fatigue as they gather following the Covenant shooting and the deaths of Harry Reeder and Tim Keller.
TGC’s Keller Center Is for Apologists Without All the Answers
Executive director Collin Hansen: In a post-Christian context, the church is challenged to collaborate—and humbly pray—for new strategies in its witness.
A Mighty Controversy Is This Lutheran Catechism
The Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod resumes distribution of new annotated volume after detractors push back on essays.
Liberty University Students Lead 50th March for Life
Evangelical and Catholic pro-life groups come together for the first post-Roe march.
Five States to Vote on Abortion Rights This Election Day
Christian pro-life activists have their eyes on a record-high number of ballot measures, including state constitutional amendments.
At Religious Schools, Gen Z Students Are Breaking Mental Health Stigmas
Survey finds they seek counseling and support at higher rates than in secular schools.
Could Roe’s Reversal Slow Global Trends to Legalize Abortion?
Evangelical advocates abroad hold out hope that America’s shift on abortion sets a new standard.
Report Backs Abuse Allegations Against Chris Rice
The singer allegedly groomed students at a Kentucky church through back rubs and unaccompanied sleepovers, according to an investigation by GRACE.
Conservative Methodists Launch Global Methodist Church
The leaner denomination will focus on international partnerships, but many conservatives in Africa are holding out for the much-delayed 2024 conference vote.
Little Church, Big Faith
There are plenty of challenges for small congregations, but they also bring unique strengths.
Why Haven’t There Been Any Evangelicals on the Supreme Court?
With their overlapping views with conservative Catholics, not having a seat on the bench may not matter much.
Anti-Trafficking Ministries Now Fight QAnon Conspiracies Too
Online myths and misinformation are becoming more of a distraction from their work.
The Potter’s House Denver Sells Property, Goes Virtual
The congregation in T. D. Jakes’s network is one of the biggest to shutter its doors due to COVID-19 constraints.