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Missional Elders
Helping elders look beyond just the business aspects of ministry.
Transforming Failure
How God used a painful season of ministry to change my life.
When One of Us Falls
5 pastors share how they react when a high-profile Christian leader has a moral failing.
Switching Churches? Your Exit Doesn't Have to Be Messy
You can still bless others by the space you leave behind.
Our Personal Scars Can Help Others Heal
There are four marks of wounded healers.
Redeeming Your Failures
Even in your defeats, God is at work in your ministry and in you.
Epic Fail
How can pastors be encouraged to embrace their failures and redefine ministry success?
Leading the Elder Board
Build, lead, and grow a team of elders that sets the culture for the rest of the church.
Question-Oriented Preaching
The value of asking questions before, during, and after our sermon will help people better engage with the text and God.
How I Cured My Monday Hangover and Summer Slump
Ministry leaders can benefit from paying attention to both divine timing and circadian rhythms.
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