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Preventing Suicide
An interview with Karen Mason
The Grassroots Pastor
Do you need a flock to shepherd souls?
Reading the Bible With Your Heart (Without Losing Your Head)
In the new year, the BibleProject invites you to love the life of the mind.
Journey Toward Hope
What a unique cancer ministry can teach you about pastoring people in crisis.
A Second Shot of Coffee with Jesus
Large and startling figures.
‘Dear Worship Leader...’
A review of Zac Hicks’s The Worship Pastor.
Treasures of Darkness
On Image, Intuition, and the Christian Writer
The Creator Is Closer
I too often forget that God sustains all he has made.
The Island With No Words
On Remembering Silence in the Creative Life
Fit to Print
Announcing a cutting-edge redesign of Leadership Journal.
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