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April 26 1999, 1999
Volume 43, Number 5
April 26
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Cover Story

Birth of a Troubled Conscience
A Christian Science upbringing. A shameful wartime act.
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The Man Who Knows (Most) Everything
Swindoll Starts Instant Megachurch
Christian Clinic New Tiller Neighbor
Smut Magazine Publishers Convert
Same-Sex Unions: United Methodist Pastor Suspended Indefinitely
Christians Oppose Threats to Welfare
Jehovah's Witness Verdict Stalled
Women: New Focus on Abuse Cases
Nigeria: Christian President Calls for Renewal
Fraud: Greater Ministries Leaders Arrested
Accusations include fraud, money laundering.
Willow Creek: German Evangelicals Get Seeker Sensitive
Why Christian Colleges Are Booming
Parents may want a safe haven, but these schools have a higher purpose.
Lord of the Absurd
The tangled web of science and religion.
Genesis: Warts and All
What Christians can learn from Jews about the Bible's first book.
Death, Inc.
What the funeral industry doesn't want you to know.
Gen-X Apologetics
Passing on the faith to those raised on Star Wars spirituality.
The Untouchables' Church
Despite a Catholic bishop's protest suicide in 1998, Christians hold little hope for repeal of blasphemy law.
Why We Should Be Hopeful
The same week Ron confessed, Mrs. Washington felt an overwhelming conviction to forgive the man who had murdered her daughter.