May (Web-only) 2001

Watered-Down Love
Watered-Down LoveSubscriber Access Only
Bob Dylan encountered Jesus in 1978, and that light has not entirely faded as he turns 60.
Who Won? Who Cares?Subscriber Access Only
Skip the latest ballot reviews and read Italo Calvino's brilliant election novella The Watcher.
The Bible Is BigSubscriber Access Only
"The Boston Globe sniffs at it, Marilyn Manson will read it, and people are buying a book about one verse of it in bulk."
Census of 2 Million Christians in Four Countries to Provide Snapshot of FaithSubscriber Access Only
"Churches in New Zealand, England, the United States, and Australia probed on beliefs, congregational life."
Narnia Will Return In New BooksSubscriber Access Only
"As all of the Inklings' publishers await record interest, HarperCollins seeks to fill in the gaps beyond the wardrobe"
"Forget His Civil Rights Record, John Ashcroft (Gasp!) Prays!"Subscriber Access Only
"While The Washington Post does an awkward front-page story on the Attorney General, its magazine runs a great story on Majority Whip Tom DeLay's faith. Plus: Timothy McVeigh, measuring evil, and more stories from other media."
Palme d'OrcSubscriber Access Only
Tolkien preview Rings Out at the Cannes Film Festival. Also: Critics respond to A Knight's Tale and The Trumpet of the Swan.
Is Yahoo On a Morality Crusade?Subscriber Access Only
" secularizes, the Catholic church's gay scene, and other articles around the Internet."
President (on TV) Calls God a 'Feckless Thug' and WorseSubscriber Access Only
"Trinity Western can teach teachers and believe homosexuality is a sin, Richard Mouw thinks polygamy should be legalized, and other stories from media sources around the Internet."
Intro to the InklingsSubscriber Access Only
C.S. Lewis's intellect was stimulated at one of the most fascinating extracurricular clubs ever.
Infamy IndeedSubscriber Access Only
John Gregory Dunne suggests imperialistic Americans got what they deserved at Pearl Harbor
One-Third of Young British Evangelicals Approve of 'Living in Sin'Subscriber Access Only
"Latinos increasingly leaving Catholicism, and Ralph Reed officially becomes a Republican leader."
"In Custody Dispute Between Church Attendee and Alleged Pedophile, Church Attendee Loses"Subscriber Access Only
"Suing over the golden rule, and Jabez's territory continues to expand."
"Ex-Gays Are For Real, Says Study"Subscriber Access Only
"Peru missionary pilot leaves hospital, and Christian metal band Stryper is back in black (and yellow)."
"In Greece and Syria, Pope John Paul II Tries to Heal Ancient Wounds"Subscriber Access Only
But many Orthodox Christians and Muslims are suspicious and hostile to visit.
Mummy's DaySubscriber Access Only
"The Mummy Returns full of sound and fury and not much else. Also, vampires lurk in The Forsaken, and that legendary monster Infidelity rears its ugly head in Faithless."
Christians and Animists Face Off Over Loud Worship in GhanaSubscriber Access Only
"Praying to get to the World Cup, and other stories from mainstream media sources around the globe."
Disciples of Christ Board Apologizes For Not Doing More to Oppose SlaverySubscriber Access Only
"Suing over the golden rule, and Jabez's territory continues to expand."
Has God Been Held Hostage by Philosophy?Subscriber Access Only
"A forum on free-will theism, a new paradigm for understanding God."
"Religious Freedom Can Be Ethnically Limited, Utah Judge Rules"Subscriber Access Only
"Forgiving McVeigh, England's murdered vicar, and other stories from media around the world."
How Not to Read DanteSubscriber Access Only
You probably missed the point of The Divine Comedy in high school.
Taken Up in GlorySubscriber Access Only
"The Ascension has been forgotten in many Protestant churches, jettisoning an essential part of the Christian story."
The Grand FarewellSubscriber Access Only
We tend to focus on the way Jesus came into the world. It will pay us not to overlook the way he left.
World Vision Staff MissingSubscriber Access Only
Thousands flee Angolan rebels on foot
"Graham Associate T.W. Wilson, 82, Dies"Subscriber Access Only
"He is in the presence of Jesus, where he longed to be, says evangelist."
Rivers of LifeSubscriber Access Only
"In Africa, survival depends on open waterways. Missionary explorer David Livingstone believed that salvation did, too"
"World Vision Locates Missing Staff, Assesses Damage in Angola"Subscriber Access Only
Two workers seriously injured
New Tribes Missionaries KidnappedSubscriber Access Only
Muslim rebels in Philippines threaten to kill Martin and Gracia Burnham and 18 others if military intervenes
Archbishops Wed in Moonie WeddingSubscriber Access Only
"Former Zambian leader will be excommunicated from Catholic Church, American already has been."
"Critics Bomb Pearl Harbor, Audiences Counterattack"Subscriber Access Only
"Meanwhile, Shrek pleases both audiences and critics. But perhaps the most important movie event of the month is slipping by almost unnoticed."
Ten Commandments Display Banned as Supreme Court Denies HearingSubscriber Access Only
But Elkhart mayor says monument will stay in front of City Hall
Southern California's Lutheran Leader Resigns After Ordaining LesbianSubscriber Access Only
Church that left Methodist denomination has to surrender building.
Beyond Pearl HarborSubscriber Access Only
How God caught up with the man who led Japan's surprise attack.
"Chiluba Says He Will Retire, But Zambia's Churches Don't Believe Him"Subscriber Access Only
"Evangelicals, Catholics, and others worry about president's push for third-term debate to continue."
United Nations Asked to Protect Judges in Bishop's Murder TrialSubscriber Access Only
Death threats and attacks common in case against military officers and priest.
U.S. Investigators Asked to Help Solve Mystery of Nun's Death in GuatemalaSubscriber Access Only
What initially seemed to be auto theft gone wrong now has overtones of politics and persecution.
Former Episcopal Bishop Challenges Decision to Defrock HimSubscriber Access Only
"Ci Jones says disciplinary case was double jeopardy, and that head of Episcopal Church improperly influenced case"
Graham Associate T.W. Wilson, 82, DiesSubscriber Access Only
He is in the presence of Jesus, where he longed to be, says evangelist.
26 LettersSubscriber Access Only
Ben Glover (Word)
Has Born-again Bob Dylan Returned to Judaism?
Has Born-again Bob Dylan Returned to Judaism?Subscriber Access Only
The singer's response to an Olympics ministry opportunity might settle the matter once for all.
Not Buying into the Subculture
Not Buying into the SubcultureSubscriber Access Only
Slow Train Coming reveals that Bob Dylan's quest for answers has been satisfied
Bob Dylan: Still Blowin' in the Wind
Bob Dylan: Still Blowin' in the WindSubscriber Access Only
Christianity Today reviews Dylan's work before the singer's conversion to Christianity.

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