May (Web-only) 2002

The Rolling Superchic[k] RevueSubscriber Access Only
It's not just a band of shifting players. It's a state of mind and a movement
God Bless the EliminatorSubscriber Access Only
Mother Jones magazine makes known a shocking discovery: evangelicals are sending missionaries to Muslim countries
Happy Easter, Part TwoSubscriber Access Only
Eastern Orthodox Christians hold somber celebrations as Holy Land fighting continues
Arthur Andersen Reaches Deal (Again) With Baptist Foundation of Arizona InvestorsSubscriber Access Only
New TV priests won't be like the Flying Nun, and other stories from online sources around the world
Blame, But No Apologies for Colombian Church Attack That Killed 117Subscriber Access Only
New report on religious persecution says the U.S. isn't doing enough, and other stories from around the world
Worldwide Webbed Wonder ReviewsSubscriber Access Only
What critics are saying about Spider-Man, Amadeus—The Director's Cut, Time Out, Hollywood Ending, Deuces Wild, The Piano Teacher, and The Salton Sea
Sexual Abstinence Education Programs Promoted, SuedSubscriber Access Only
Andrew Furlong ends his heresy trial by resigning, and other stories from online sources around the world
The Auschwitz CrossSubscriber Access Only
We must come to the cross with desperation, not political agendas
Mom, We Salute YouSubscriber Access Only
Mother's Day and Memorial Day were meant to go together
Are Gay Priests the Solution to the Abuse Crisis?Subscriber Access Only
The parsonage credit, and other stories from online sources around the world
And the Next Thing Is...Subscriber Access Only
Marxism (or not).
Easter Recast: 97 Percent Chance Jesus Rose from the DeadSubscriber Access Only
The church as minipolis, and other stories from online sources around the world
Accreditor Says Creationism Mandate Violates Academic FreedomSubscriber Access Only
Pat Robertson sells his horses, and other stories from online sources around the world
A New Hope for Star Wars FansSubscriber Access Only
What Christian and mainstream critics are saying about Star Wars Episode Two: Attack of the Clones, The Lady and the Duke, Unfaithful, and The New Guy
Former Christian Broadcasting Head and Philosophy Prof Will Be Dutch PMSubscriber Access Only
: Sin begets more sin in the clergy abuse scandal, and other stories from online sources around the world
Rebels Force Churches to Close in ColombiaSubscriber Access Only
Christians accused of political involvement in May 26 elections
Religious Organizations Allowed to Discriminate on Basis of ReligionSubscriber Access Only
Academic freedom at religious schools, a clone patent, Belgium allows euthanasia, and other stories from online sources around the world
Of Church, State, and TaxesSubscriber Access Only
If you want to know what the establishment of religion looks like, check out church history, not American tax law
Burnhams Are Reportedly Ill; Military and Non-Military Efforts to Free Them ContinueSubscriber Access Only
Britain approves adoption for unmarried (and gay) couples
Think Christianly, Act GloballySubscriber Access Only
Denying gay protesters communion, a teachers union's religious discrimination, and other stories from online sources around the world
Missions Evaluate New US Kidnapping PolicySubscriber Access Only
Does Washington understand the reason for no-ransom positions?
Lack of Holy Land Travel, Economic Woes Lead to Political UpheavalSubscriber Access Only
Pedophilia said to be an incurable disease, the deaths of Dr. Torrey and Evelyn Johnson, and more online stories from around the world.
Bad Boys Trying to Be GoodSubscriber Access Only
Critics respond to a reckless Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars—Episode 2 and a shallow single guy in About a Boy. Plus: a preview of a movie about a good cop going bad—Insomnia
Last Living Suspect in '63 Church Bombing Found GuiltySubscriber Access Only
Suit says forbidding women's ordination is sexual discrimination, Latino evangelicals use the clergy abuse scandal, and other stories from online sources around the world
The Burnhams, One Year and CountingSubscriber Access Only
: The Moonie Times, Christian home schooling's win and loss, and other stories from online sources from around the world.
Closing The X-Files ...Subscriber Access Only
… with the sign of the Cross
Death of an EvolutionistSubscriber Access Only
RIP Stephen Jay Gould
On Anniversary of Burnhams' Abduction, U.S. Says It's Pulling Out of PhilippinesSubscriber Access Only
Friends, family, and others pray for the missionary couple held hostage
Are Evangelicals the 'New Internationalists?'Subscriber Access Only
Evangelical leaders say New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof is mostly right, but late
Education Reform Legislation Language May Help Intelligent Design TheorySubscriber Access Only
A $5 million reward for Burnhams' captors, and other stories from online sources around the world.
Sleepless in AlaskaSubscriber Access Only
What Christian critics and others are saying about Insomnia, Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron, The Importance of Being Earnest, Enough, Star Wars 2 and About a Boy.
City Seizes Church Land to Build a CostcoSubscriber Access Only
The freedom to not support abortion, you can't say Jesus on ABC, and other stories from online sources around the world.
Reward for Abu Sayyaf Gets Response, U.S. Military May Step Up Efforts to Free BurnhamsSubscriber Access Only
A Christian perspective on the World Cup, what Reinhold Niebuhr would say about the war on terror, and many other articles from online media around the world.
Captive ChristiansSubscriber Access Only
Views from inside Roman, English, and German prisons give a sense of how kidnapped missionaries might feel.
Defender of DignitySubscriber Access Only
Leon Kass, head of the President's Council on Bioethics, hopes to thwart the powers of the business-biomedical agenda
Why We Still Need Christian Colleges
Why We Still Need Christian Colleges
As the liberal arts struggle, we should rally around Christian campuses that still embrace them.