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August 2003
Volume 47, Number 8
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Table of Contents
Court challenge to new law expected.
"The church is not a bus where one person does the driving. It's like an anthill, where everyone works"
Botox injections as a spiritual discipline
Arthur Roberts offers his compelling vision of the afterlife in Exploring Heaven
Noted missiologist Ruth Tucker shines a light on the netherworld of apostasy in Walking Away from Faith
Kids Hope USA shows the power of mentoring children
Joni Eareckson Tada's poignant memoir probes God's use of suffering
God roams America's public schools looking for us
Tom Albin's doctoral research reveals why the Wesley's system worked so well
"Longtime Christianity Today editor Carol Thiessen was firm but not fierce, steadfast but not stodgy"
A survey indicates that teenagers attend religious services more than adults
"With In, But Not Of, Hugh Hewitt offers advice to Christians of influence"
New sociological studies show that evangelicals may well succeed at renewing wayward Protestantism
Why we still need heresy trials
Report by whistleblowers to Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability prompts CRI employees to reimburse funds
Bishops worldwide chastise Canadian bishop who approved gay unions
Conservatives say decision could put pressure on dissenting churches
Historic Chicago homeless shelter is under siege by City Hall
Prayer in Jesus' name forbidden in California legislative meetings
Chaldean Christians connect with other believers
Arrested in 1998, Aslam Masih is released from prison because of a lack of evidence
Christians oppose embedding Islamic tribunals in Kenya's new constitution
The International Missions Board Lays off 37 and leaves 24 positions open
Recent comments about Roe v. Wade, church and state, and Christian beer.
Today's evangelicals are committed to peace—not just security—for Israel
Gay activism is not just found in liberal churches
Quotations to stir the heart and mind on the open road
A conservative Christian makes the case for animal mercy in Dominion
The Unauthorized Guide to Choosing a Church leads church hunters through the liturgy, the lingo, and the lunacy
Why we should sink our roots in the places we call home
Top Story May 26, 2018
Reading Together, Early Church Style
Reading Together, Early Church Style
New historical research by Brian J. Wright shows that early Christians were surprisingly bookish.