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September 2003
Volume 47, Number 9
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Table of Contents 2003
The CT Archives are a rich treasure of biblical wisdom and insight from our past. Some things we would say differently today, and some stances we've changed. But overall, we're amazed at how relevant so much of this content is. We trust that you'll find it a helpful resource. - Mark Galli, editor-in-chief
Past events are still shaping our behavior today
"Recent comments about politics, bias against Christians, and Pat Robertson's support of Charles Taylor"
"2002's martyrs, cohabiting couples, and defiant Alabamans"
Christians urge Ashcroft to respect freedom in surveillance law.
How this former unbelieving electrical engineer became evangelicalism's financial answer man—and a look at the advice he gives.
Sexual images of children are the target of Canadian Christian campaign
Profamily and gay activists agree: Texas decision sets significant precedent
Enemies include extortion and uncontrolled church growth
Article 23 would have automatically banned Hong Kong groups now outlawed on the mainland
"Disillusioned missionary, 'Spirit-inspired' invention transform church's ministry in the Dominican Republic."
"By practicing what it preaches on marriage, the church could transform society"
We've got to break free of our historical amnesia
Why the world's most powerful woman asks God for help
How Rice understands suffering and prayer
Can Rice put pressure on the nation she admires?
John Stott on the most pernicious obstacles to effective world evangelism
"Christian camping is bigger than ever, but some rituals never change"
Cowboy churches shape their ministries for the western at heart
"Quotations to stir heart and mind from Thomas Merton, Dorothy Sayers, and others"
There's a difference between cheering the home team and being boorish
There's a difference between cheering the home team and being boorish.
"Two pastors make a case for universalism, and end up trivializing human freedom"
A new book helps Christians make wise birth control decisions
Is your church emotionally healthy?
Who Are the Christians in the Middle East? examines millions of forgotten believers
"Why so many are spiritual, but not Christian"
"For those with ears to hear, Mark Heard left the gift of a more authentic faith"
Where God is more certain than death
Fixing the Fellowship Deficit in America’s Struggling Communities
Fixing the Fellowship Deficit in America’s Struggling Communities
Why collapsing cities and towns need something more than a better economy or a bigger government.