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January 2011
Volume 55, Number 1
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Table of Contents
Exercise, technology, and diet help us live longer than ever. Should those who look to eternal life care?
Are peacemaking efforts in Sudan enough to prevent violence if the South votes for independence?
What inspires the art enthusiast to give millions away?
Seven realities that Christians in every congregation need to know.
Recovering the lost art of Scripture memorization.
Believers in every age worry about the collapse of the faith.
The reasons for unbelief are more complex than many atheists let on.
The Big Reach Center of Hope offers a lifeline to Ohio's rural poor.
The events, people, and debates of the past year that have shaped, or will significantly shape, evangelical life, thought, or mission.
Stats on theology, marriage, and evangelical self-image.
Recent reports of child abuse overshadow another trend.
Buddhist nation will likely legalize Christianity.
Churches re-assess risk management policies.
Observers discuss whether Christians should resist airport body scans and pat-downs.
Ties that bind church schools are loosening.
One Olympic athlete's efforts to build relationships between Sudan's Christians and Muslims.
The forgotten rural poor face desperate challenges.
Your responses to the November 2010 issue of Christianity Today.
Why we are better off letting God make the gospel relevant.
Christian thinkers weigh in on whether Christians should always give money to people on the street who ask for it.
Good thing the Last Judgment is not a round of Final Jeopardy!
If there were ever a time for intercession in international affairs, this is it.
Book Reviews:
Christians in the marketplace, says Jeff Van Duzer, are not second-class citizens of the kingdom.
Why we can’t understand the gospel—or ourselves—without the Trinity. A review of 'The Deep Things of God.'
Picks by Roger Lundin, the author of "Believing Again: Doubt and Faith in a Secular Age."
In the historical novel 'City of Tranquil Light,' ordinary missionaries transcend extraordinary circumstances.
Philosophical foundations of Christian parenting.
Short reviews of '1 Samuel,' 'Not in the Heavens,' and 'The Identity Man.'
How faith guided the former secretary of state's life from the segregated South to dictating the nation's foreign policy.
Short reviews of recent books worth considering.
In Every Issue
That's not just a silly promise of our culture.
John Sowers addresses the root of many social ills.
Why We Still Need Christian Colleges
Why We Still Need Christian Colleges
As the liberal arts struggle, we should rally around Christian campuses that still embrace them.