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September 2012
Volume 56, Number 8
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Table of Contents
How Phoenix Christians are helping illegal immigrants as they wait for the economy—and the law—to change.
Joe Johnston's residential community is designed for, well, community.
Charlotte Thrall provides free medical care to Phoenix's poor and undocumented immigrants.
Ian Danley believes high school is where Phoenix Latinos can step out and grasp a future.
Christ's righteousness belongs to those who receive by faith God's promise of forgiveness.
David Jang has become an increasingly influential figure in Asian and now American evangelicalism. He and his followers have founded media outlets and a Christian college and are key influencers in the World Evangelical Alliance. But many say he leads a group that has encouraged the belief that he's the 'Second Coming Christ.' Is there any truth to the allegations?
Around the world, wherever churches are growing, reports of the miraculous are rampant. What do they mean?
One-time atheist and now head of ChinaAid, Bob Fu believes China may soon have one of the largest populations of Christians worldwide.
Catechesis at its best is a very personal 'school of faith.'
Brazilian women find support and new roles at charismatic churches. Their husbands don't like it. Whom will they choose?
There are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in contemporary understandings of science and faith.
A new survey's findings on the differences between Asians and Asian Americans.
Why some religious nonprofits' worries aren't about the contraception mandate.
Resignation of Metropolitan Jonah follows death of Peter Gillquist.
Christian graduates shun national service.
Several cities enacted anti-feeding laws over the summer.
Observers weigh in.
Mission-minded Christian educators run fast-growing universities in North Korea and northeast China.
Chuck Colson had a prophetic voice because he first had a servant's heart.
Readers respond to the June issue.
It's not perfect, but the Sinner's Prayer is a work of genius.
Three views.
Sometimes understanding follows obedience.
Book Reviews:
Journalist David Aikman wonders whether our nation will squander its spiritual heritage.
Picks from Jennifer Grant
Melanie Kirkpatrick's 'Escape from North Korea' describes how the country descended into tyranny and madness, and why its people want out.
Where theology begins.
Brief reviews of 'Turning Points,' 'Gauguin, Cezanne, Matisse,' and 'With the Night Mail'
John Ortberg looks at Jesus' unparalleled impact on human history.
A brief look.
A brief look.
Music Reviews:
In Every Issue
Why some stories take a long time.
Jo Saxton helps churches change their communities.
Top Story August 24, 2019
America Needed Spies. Many Missionaries Were Ready and Willing.
America Needed Spies During World War II. Many Missionaries Were Ready and Willing.
They regretted some of what they were asked to do, but they thought defending democracy was worth it.