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March 2018
Volume 62, Number 2
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Table of Contents
America’s Surrogacy Bump: Is Fertility a Blessing to Be Shared?
Pro-life carriers and Christian bioethicists navigate the patchy landscape for assisted reproduction.
Why we should read lesser-known versions of the Bible.
The deeply flawed Old Testament “hero” was set apart for a very specific purpose.
His music inspired a generation of Jesus freaks, but he never shook the suspicion of being a wolf in sheep’s clothing.
When we are sick and need to know what can make us whole again, there is no other fount we know.
The case for communing with God in a daring and agonizing way.
Is ISIS Really Muslim?
Christians can learn from Egyptian debate over terrorism and true Islam.
Important developments in the church and the world (as they appeared in our March issue).
Foreign students offer US schools treasure in heaven and on earth.
The Lord’s Prayer’s Hard Plea
Does God lead us into temptation? Do we have to ask him not to?
What the incarnation affirms about the reality of God's creation.
A godly tongue speaks humor that heals, not hurts.
How Christian Faith Led a Single Woman to Defy Chairman Mao
Lin Zhao’s faith led her to embrace China's Communist movement—then pay the ultimate price for opposing it.
Very often, people behind bars already have a relationship with God.
Compiled by Matt Reynolds.
How Civil War–era churches that avoided taking sides on slavery ended up siding with its supporters.
Responding to atheism, understanding genetics, and considering what evolution means for biblical interpretation.
In Every Issue
Our March Issue: The Gospel for ‘Every Area of Life’
We still believe that the basic solution to the world’s crises—and our own—is theological.
Responses to our December issue.
I survived snowy mountains, a filthy prison, and an abusive husband. Then I discovered who had protected me all along.
World Vision Flips the Script on Child Sponsorship
World Vision Flips the Script on Child Sponsorship
In the ministry’s first major innovation in seven decades, the children now do the choosing.