Politics+Current Affairs

The twelfth of never
Bush administration drastically lowers goals for faith-based initiative.
Supremely Rejected
Lower-court decisions the Supreme Court let stand
An After-Christmas Gift
"A homeless man, an angel, and a reminder about our final home"
Threatening the Amish
How the Amish solve the legal problems of civil liberties
'A Man and a Woman'
Activists say the Federal Marriage Amendment will be the defining issue in the next election
Work over Welfare
Former Illinois Senator Paul Simon discusses his plan to put the poor to work
Censoring Christmas
Public Christmas displays, like the Ten Commandments, are allowed—as long as they don't mean anything religious
Accidental Revolutionary
How one woman fought for a just tax
'Jesus Tax' Plan Dies
Alabama's fiscal debate exposes a divide between Christians
Ancient Christian Commentary on Current Events: What Is War Good For?
What early church leaders thought of Christians and the military
University Forbids 'Offensive' Tracts
Messianic Jew sues University of New Orleans over ban
Violated Felons
Christians help lead federal campaign against prison rape
God Reigns-Even in Alabama
Let's not make the Commandments into a graven image
Go Figure
Recent figures on faith and politics
The Unflappable Condi Rice
Why the world's most powerful woman asks God for help
Quotation Marks
"Recent comments about politics, bias against Christians, and Pat Robertson's support of Charles Taylor"
'The Privilege of Struggle'
How Rice understands suffering and prayer
Hard Line on the Road Map
Can Rice put pressure on the nation she admires?
Curbing Big Brother
Christians urge Ashcroft to respect freedom in surveillance law.
How to Really Keep the Commandments in Alabama—and Elsewhere
Since when did the public display of the Ten Commandments become the eleventh commandment?

Top Story December 1, 2023

God’s Promises Are Clearest When We Turn Out the Lights
God’s Promises Are Clearest When We Turn Out the Lights
Christians have every reason to reduce light pollution.

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