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Books Open Windows into Holiness
How models from literature guide us toward the good.
Miracles Don’t Violate the Laws of Nature
The ideas of a Scottish skeptic explain why some Westerners struggle to embrace signs and wonders.
Christ Came to Disarm Rebellious Sinners, But Not to Disempower Them
A meditation on the line between good and evil that runs through each person.
The Cosmos Is More Crowded Than You Think
How an old prayer and a newborn baby changed my perspective on angels.
The Poet Who Prepared the Ground for the Sexual Revolution
Percy Shelley’s 19th-century attacks on marriage, monogamy, and Christianity foreshadowed progressive attitudes today.
Black Christians Are Confronting Black Lies About Christianity
How urban apologetics contends against the distortions promoted by “Black Conscious” movements.
If a Social Issue Matters to God, the Church Should Be Praying About It
Too often, our practices of intercession are thin to nonexistent. The Reformed tradition shows us how to revive them.
You Can’t Slay the Giant Anxiety with Mere Willpower
Ignore the exhortations to just “Stop it,” and lean on God’s unshakeable promises.
Philip Yancey: God Can Love ‘A Cynical Sneak Like Me’
An excerpt from the best-selling author’s memoir, “Where the Light Fell.”
Christ’s Prayers Can Transform Ours
When we look closely at how Jesus’ prayer life is depicted in Luke, we discover how essential prayer is for us.
John Piper va «más hacia arriba y más hacia adentro» en la doctrina de la Providencia de Dios
Su último libro, aunque con fundamento en la tradición reformada, busca dar respuesta a las preguntas del siglo XXI.
Generasi Saya Menghargai ‘Keotentikan.’ Mengapa Saya menjadi Suka Memakai Topeng?
Saya baru menjadi diri saya yang sebenarnya ketika saya berperan sebagai murid.
It’s Okay to Let Your Mind Wander During Prayer
Those distractions aren’t failures of focus, but opportunities to trust God with the deepest truths of our hearts.
Tim Keller: Hope for a Better World Starts with the Resurrection
Four reasons Christianity offers unparalleled confidence that history is headed somewhere good.
Sin Makes Us Thirsty. Find Refreshment at the Cross.
Jesus went without water so we could drink eternally from the fountain of God’s grace.
Hide It Under a Bushel? Maybe.
Take it from the “secret disciples” who buried Jesus: Sometimes it’s prudent to stay mum about your faith.
Why I Agreed to Receive Financial Help from Someone Who Needed It Herself
My pride was blinding me to an important truth: that healthy relationships revolve around mutuality, not one-sided generosity.
Why the Bible Makes a Big Deal about Horns
Hannah, Zechariah, and the psalmists have good reasons for speaking of them so reverently.
Russell Moore: Real Christian Courage Looks like Elijah at His Most Pathetic
My caution to those who “stand for truth” by calling down “fire from heaven” upon its enemies.
Without Henrietta Mears, Evangelicalism as We Know It Probably Wouldn’t Exist
Meet the woman who mentored the leaders and fostered the institutions that fueled its 20th-century transformation.

Top Story October 1, 2023

The Universe Is Not a Horror Show
The Universe Is Not a Horror Show
We live in a world haunted by sin and suffering. But it’s also one that points us to a glory beyond imagining.

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