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I Don’t Want My Church to Be Small. But It Is. Now What?
In our push for church growth, let's not forget the importance of church health.

I don’t want my church to be small. It just is.

I want my church to grow numerically. But it’s not.

I follow all the how-to lists to get it to grow. But they don’t work.

I’m told to pray more. So I do.

Plan better. So I do.

Work harder. So now I’m burnt out.

But my church is still small.

Now what?

What's Better Than Bigger?

How about this.

Let’s do small church well. Really well.

Let’s do small church well. Really well.

Stop worrying about filling more seats, finding a bigger/better/newer building (or any building at all) and be the best church family we can be with who and what we have right now.

We need to stop trying to duplicate the success of the big church down the street. I’m not them. You’re not them. The healthy church God has for us will look very different than the healthy church God has for them. But as long as we’re

  • Jealous of them
  • Bad-mouthing them
  • Thinking we're better than them
  • Thinking they're better than us
  • Or trying to be like them

We’ll never be the church God wants us to be.

In our obsession with becoming a bigger church, sometimes we forget the importance of being a better church. Right now. At this current size.

Numerical growth is great. It should be celebrated. But it shouldn't be the only thing we celebrate.

Our obsession with numerical growth has caused a lot of a healthy small churches and their pastors to feel inadequate. Even if the only thing "wrong" with them is that they're not getting bigger.

Many churches contribute to the growth of the kingdom of God without seeing their own butts-in-the-seats growth.

My church is one of them. Maybe yours is, too.

So let's stop worrying about getting bigger. Let's get better.

Your Church Matters

We need to stop idealizing the glory days of our church’s past.

What people need from church hasn't changed. They need Jesus. In us.

But let's not make the equal, but opposite mistake of obsessing over what people are looking for in a church today, either. What people need from church hasn't changed. They need Jesus. In us.

Let’s discover what God has in mind for our local congegation right here, right now.

My church exists for a reason. So does yours.

So how do we discover that?

Maybe if we let go of what we’re not called to be, we can start to see who we are called to be.

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