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Perry Noble, NewSpring Church and Our Obsession with Numbers
Our numbers obsession continues to leave victims in its wake. Now Perry Noble and the tens of thousands of members of NewSpring church are on the list of walking wounded.

Let's do the work of ministry. Equip the saints. And leave the numbers to Jesus.

Kingdom Growth Is Good – Obsession with Numbers Is Deadly

Megachurch pastors are not the only ones who pursue numbers in unhealthy ways. Their successes and failures are just more obvious than the pastor of a 50-member church who was asked to step down last week for the same problems that damaged Noble and NewSpring.

We can't ignore this reality any more. Pursuing numbers for the sake of numbers is dangerous. It hurts more people than it helps.

Pursuing numbers for the sake of numbers is dangerous. It hurts more people than it helps.

It may grow a church for a while. But that bubble will burst. And when it does, people will get hurt. And even before it does, people will have already been hurt by the pursuit of false priorities.

A Call to Unite Behind Church Health and Kingdom Growth

This is not an anti megachurch rant. It's an anti get-my-church-bigger-at-all-costs rant.

And a plea.

A plea to replace our numbers obsession with a renewed drive for church health. For health's sake.

To put Christ's kingdom ahead of our own petty dynasties – no matter how big or small our church may be.

To pray for Perry Noble, his family and the members of NewSpring church who are hurting today.

To renew our passion to reach people. Not for our own bottom line, but to help them come into a growing relationship with Jesus.

To keep Jesus at the center. To make him our goal, our life and our only obsession.

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