Innovative Ministry

Innovative Ministry
The Only Way To Promote And Sustain Necessary Change In The Church
Changing because the mission demands it is the only way to make changes that last.

There are a lot of bad reasons churches want to change.

  • To keep up with trends
  • To get bigger
  • To have more available funds
  • To appeal to a different group of people
  • To break from tradition
  • Because we’re bored
  • Because we’ll die if we don’t

Some of them seem like good ...

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Innovative Ministry
How Can You Tell If A Church Is On Offense Or Defense?
Churches on defense talk about the glory days of the past. Churches on offense maintain a strong hope for the future.
How Can You Tell If A Church Is On Offense Or Defense?

There are two types of churches.

Those on offense and those on defense.

In recent years, I’ve been in hundreds of rooms with thousands of pastors from both types of churches.

Churches on offense are not different from churches on defense in any external way.

They and their ...

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Innovative Ministry
6 Ways To Use PowerPoint (Yes, PowerPoint!) To Help Your Audience Become Better Listeners
The most powerful communication tool is not the image on the screen. It’s your ability to connect with the audience.
6 Ways To Use PowerPoint (Yes, PowerPoint!) To Help Your Audience Become Better Listeners
Image: Shelley Vaters

Are there any two words more likely to send an audience running for the exits than “PowerPoint presentation?”

That’s why, even though I use PowerPoint almost every time I speak, I don’t do PowerPoint presentations.

I teach. I preach. I talk. I illustrate. ...

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Innovative Ministry
One Simple Step To Create A Year-End Giving Bump In Your Church
This is a great way to thank everyone for their generosity, while providing a helpful reminder to make up for any unintentional shortfall for the year.

A lot of churches get a nice year-end bump in their finances.

During the Christmas season even casual attenders come to church more often, churches hold annual events like Christmas Bazaars that bring in funds, and the week of Christmas often attracts huge crowds – and ...

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Innovative Ministry
Narrow Your Focus, Widen Your Scope, And Increase Your Ministry Effectiveness
Discovery takes place in the hinterlands, where we don’t feel comfortable and things can get a little scary.

Oh, the funnel.

That simple, but immensely valuable piece of human engineering.

With it, you can take massive amounts of material, data or (using the visual funnel we call a lens) visual information and channel it in a way that makes it so much more valuable than when it was random, ...

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Innovative Ministry
Forget The Extras – Your Church Needs To Get The Basics Right
Your church might not have the budget or the staff to do the extras, but that’s okay. You can do what matters.

There are so many great tools available to churches today.

From social media, to audio and video tools, to cool giveaways for first-time guests.

But none of that matters until you’re doing the essentials well.

Be Good, Not Fancy

This week I went to a restaurant with a large ...

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Innovative Ministry
Think Bigger: Why “How Do I Get Our Church To Grow?” Is The Wrong Question
I’m grateful for the church growth movement. But I want more.

In the last 40 years, church growth has moved from an indefinable mystery to a quantifiable science.

There are innumerable books, conferences, classes, podcasts, magazines and blogs dedicated to the study of church growth. What causes it? What hinders it? What can we do to make ...

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Innovative Ministry
Intentional Friendliness: Making A Great First Impression In A Smaller Church
Coming to a small church for the first time is an act of great vulnerability. So it’s important to do the personal things well.

You only get one chance to make a first impression.

That’s one of those truisms that’s actually true – in church and in life.

One of the hallmarks of healthy churches is that they work hard at making a good first impression. Helping guests make the leap from ...

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Innovative Ministry
Engagement: A Small Church Advantage We Need To Cultivate
Getting a few people engaged and involved is far more important than attracting a big crowd.

The smaller the group, the more likely there will be a higher percentage of members engaged in the goals of the team.

This is true for groups of all types, including churches.

In the last few years I’ve come to appreciate this principle in some very concrete ways. And it’s ...

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Innovative Ministry
Stop Complicating Ministry: The Smaller The Church, The Simpler We Need To Keep It
Ministry will never be easy, but it doesn’t have to be as complicated as we make it.

So, you pastor a small, struggling church.

You’re trying to help it become less small and less struggling, but all the “can’t miss” answers from the latest church growth conferences never seem to work for you.

You don’t have a big worship team singing ...

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