April 2014

Restoring Relationships
Community life
Restoring RelationshipsSubscriber Access Only
What churches can learn from restorative justice.
Delight in DisorderSubscriber Access Only
My journey with bipolar disorder.
Ministry and the Chains of InsecuritySubscriber Access Only
Finding freedom from your bondage to being liked.
Friday Five Interview: Juli Slattery
Friday Five Interview: Juli SlatterySubscriber Access Only
On intimacy and sexual wholeness.
Visible Neighborhood, Invisible Community
Lookin' out my front door
Visible Neighborhood, Invisible CommunitySubscriber Access Only
Sometimes, sharing people’s lives is quieter than we’d like. Maybe that’s ok.
Wednesday Link List: The End of New Atheism, #Luke2Acts, and More
Linkin' park
Wednesday Link List: The End of New Atheism, #Luke2Acts, and MoreSubscriber Access Only
So we put our hands up like the link can’t hold us.
We All Walk Between
We All Walk BetweenSubscriber Access Only
How my husband’s same-sex attraction is leading me to spiritual renewal.
Are We Failing at Failing?
Falling up
Are We Failing at Failing?Subscriber Access Only
Finding freedom from our slavery to success.
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