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Fall : Church Ministry: The Next 10 Years


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In this Issue
Carving Out a Niche for Micro-Congregations
Carving Out a Niche for Micro-CongregationsSubscriber Access Only
A new wave of designer ministries isn’t about attracting people to “big church.”
Bright Hopes for Tomorrow
Bright Hopes for TomorrowSubscriber Access Only
The next 10 years will be challenging—but don’t believe the worrywarts.
‘I’m a Pastor IRL’
‘I’m a Pastor IRL’Subscriber Access Only
Are the tools shepherds use “in real life” still effective online?
The ’20s Come Roaring Back
The ’20s Come Roaring BackSubscriber Access Only
Conservative Christians were mocked in the courtroom. Famous preachers were caught in scandal. Did we learn anything?
Polyamory: The Next Sexual Frontier
Polyamory: The Next Sexual FrontierSubscriber Access Only
These once-taboo relationships are showing up in churches across the US.
Come, Christians, Swipe to Sing: Alleluia! Amen!
Come, Christians, Swipe to Sing: Alleluia! Amen!Subscriber Access Only
How the director of America’s top hymnody database changed his mind about screens.
Bulletproof Nursery Walls and Outdoor Fire Pits
Bulletproof Nursery Walls and Outdoor Fire PitsSubscriber Access Only
How pastors and builders are transforming ministry buildings for the churches of 2030.
Preach Apocalyptic Texts, Now
Preach Apocalyptic Texts, NowSubscriber Access Only
It’s time to make this tricky biblical genre a mainstay in your sermon rotation.
Here Come the Skinny Cows
Here Come the Skinny CowsSubscriber Access Only
Four reasons tithes and offerings are about to drop dramatically.
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