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Why Black Churches Are Keeping Millennials
The reasons are rooted in history.
Forgiving Her Sister's Murderer, Face to Face
Attorney Jeanne Bishop has helped thousands of clients make amends for their crimes. Now she’s helping the man who killed her sister make amends for his.
American Girls and the Nine-Year-Olds Making History
A tribute to the dolls that shaped my childhood.
A 'Missionary Banker' and a CT 'Fanboy'
A microfinance nonprofit VP on what his favorite sport and magazine have in common
On Dying and Reckoning with the Prosperity Gospel
How church historian Kate Bowler's cancer diagnosis brought her face-to-face with the beauty and terror of the popular movement.
Q+A: Inside Edition's Megan Alexander on 'Faith in the Spotlight'
The popular journalist shares about staying true to her faith in the TV news industry.
The Truth about Suicide
More and more Americans are taking their own lives. How the church can step up.
What ‘Christianity Today’ Wanted the (White) Church to Hear After George Floyd Died
For 20 weeks, writers of color addressed issues of faith and racial injustice in an online series. Now this work is an e-book.
How Luis Palau Shaped the Faith of Lee Strobel, Luis Bush, and Many More
12 evangelical leaders on what they’ll remember most about the mass evangelist.
Glenn and Annette Pearson Want Christianity Today to Outlive Them
“There’s a truthfulness and integrity—yet compassion—in what CT does for the global church.”
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