Reflections on racial reconciliation within the church and culture

Bankruptcy Helped Me Love My NeighborHow one pastor found himself caught up in the mortgage crisis. A guest post by Troy Jackson.
Bankruptcy Helped Me Love My Neighbor
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One of the first prayers I learned as a child was the debtor’s version of the Lord’s Prayer. You know, “Forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors.” It wasn’t until this past year, however, that those words became real to me.

When my wife and I moved to Cincinnati ...

Confessing My RacismHow forgiveness could transform us all. A Guest post by Anna Broadway.
Confessing My Racism
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How can Christians seek racial reconciliation, justice and healing? Attempting to answer that question means reckoning with racism. But as a member of the ethnic group that has enjoyed disproportionate power and privilege because of systemic and other forms of racism, attempting an answer means trying ...

In Christ, There Are No Racial StereotypesA call for evangelical leadership in racial reconciliation. A guest post by Michael McBride
In Christ, There Are No Racial Stereotypes
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I am invisible, understand, simply because people refuse to see me. Like the bodiless heads you see sometimes in circus sideshows, it is as though I have been surrounded by mirrors of hard, distorting glass. When they approach me they see only my surroundings, themselves or figments of their imagination, ...

Why I Stayed in a Predominantly White ChurchSacrificing comfort, gaining unity. A guest post by Trillia Newbell.
Why I Stayed in a Predominantly White Church
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I became a Christian at the age of 22, by way of someone I never would have expected. It was the summer of 1998, four years prior to me submitting my life to the Lord. I was leading a private camp and awaiting the arrival of my assistant. She bounced in with her blonde ponytail, blue eyes, and bubbly ...

Model Minorities: Welcome to the ChurchBut stay away from our daughters. A guest post by Romesh Wijesooriaya
Model Minorities: Welcome to the Church
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"Romesh, sorry, we can't 'go together' anymore, my mom says I'm not allowed." --my first girlfriend in 6th grade, who was part of a white evangelical family.

"Romesh, we are not allowed to date, the Bible says that interracial dating is a sin." – my best ...

Introducing My Blog Series on RaceA dozen women and men have contributed essays related to racial reconciliation in the evangelical church.
Introducing My Blog Series on Race

I will never forget sitting at the dinner table with a group of college friends when one of them, a white young man I didn't know all that well, made a disparaging remark about taking a "big black girl" to an upcoming formal dance. I didn't laugh along with everyone else. But I ...

Should Christians Support Reparations for African Americans?Some thought on collective sin, responsibility, and healing.
Should Christians Support Reparations for African Americans?
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As Ta-Nehisi Coates documented recently in his long and compelling cover story for The Atlantic, "The Case for Reparations," the government of the United States for centuries has perpetuated systemic injustice against African Americans. These formal legal practices explain many of the broad ...

The Importance of Black History MonthConversations with my five-year old about the Olympics, the inner-city, and the “Silver War”
The Importance of Black History Month
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Last week my son William curled up against me on the couch as we watched the women's figure skating. "Which country is she from?" he asked.

"I don't know," I said, as she began what looked like an effortless glide across the ice.

"Well, she has whitish brown skin ...

What I'm Tweeting: On Trayvon Martin, Abortion, the Bible, and More

Here's a roundup of tweets from this past week, including links to articles you might appreciate. Happy reading!

The Girls Who Haven't Come Home: One mother fighting to get her daughters out of#FosterCare ow.ly/mQCK7 @nytimes#BrokenHome

"At 80, I often feel #life is about to begin, only to realize it is ...

Race and Religion

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