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October 7 , 2002
Volume 46, Number 11
October 7
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Table of Contents
Is this new translation faithful in its treatment of gender?
Political correctness puts pressure on translators to change details of meaning
The TNIV does not eliminate gender distinctions but rather clarifies them
The TNIV Preserves the Original Meaning
The TNIV Undermines Plenary Inspiration
From 2002: The world's most influential Bible translator, Eugene Nida, is weary of 'word worship.'
There's something about worship that can drive even a king to strip down and leap up
Some evangelicals minister happily within China's state-supervised Three Self church
What it teaches us about God and the universe
Phil Vischer's tenacious campaign to dominate family entertainment
Judge says Louisiana groups promoted religion in sex education program
Parents allege kids 'forced' to simulate Islam
Judge rules that government can't take church land and give it to a business
Kentucky says Medi-Share's insurance alternative is unauthorized
Christians among the thousands making their way to China
A behind-the-scenes look at Charles Colson's writing
Evidence suggests Christianity reached China in the first century
"With more than 10 riders, 15-passenger vans have a 35.4 percent chance of roll over in a crash"
"Comments in the press about mascots, missions, and fake marriages"
How much more time do evangelical fathers give their children?
Three pastors are accused of making big mistakes during weddings.
Missionary drivers give drinkers free rides at Last Call
Some New Hampshire Christians don't buy candidate's excuse for losing
Saudi Arabia claims Wahhabist Islam isn't the most dangerous religion
Two recent books help explain Thomas Jefferson's intent for separation of church and state.
What you can do to help persecuted Christians
How can I reconcile my belief in the inerrancy of Scripture with comments in Bible translations that state that a particular verse is not 'in better manuscripts'?
Multicultural voices have an edge in reaching a rapidly changing America
"Quick reviews of Things Unseen, The Wisdom of Tenderness, The Blessed, and Courageous Leadership"
Hacking through the jungle of identity politics
Festival con Dios links with Palau organization to expand work of proclamation
Courts cannot use the 1996 document in decisions.
"500,000 people uprooted, thousands dead in violence"
Christians find out the hard way that government funding may be unreliable
Quotations to stir the heart about thinking
Author Eugene Peterson describes what drove his writing of The Message
Big Idea's Jonah is both wholesome and hip
Low voter turnout may hinder profamily agenda
Court ruling could initiate examination of denomination and church bylaws
Top Story July 16, 2018
Want to Share the Gospel Effectively? Always Ask About the Tattoo
Want to Share the Gospel Effectively? Always Ask About the Tattoo
The simplest questions can open the door to amazing conversations.