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January 2003
Volume 47, Number 1
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Table of Contents
Tony Campolo is a ferocious critic of Christians left and right. Why do people still flock to hear him?
"Campolo has sworn to cut back many times, but still couldn't say no to speaking engagements"
'The idea of winning was ridiculous.'
The President and evangelist talked about sexual ethics long before Monica
One of the world's earliest Christian cultures totters on the edge of extinction
Sometimes loving a denomination requires you to fight
Shelter Now's Georg Taubmann talks about ministry and security in the former Taliban state
Chatting with a born-again paradox
Relief agencies push Bush to reverse sharp decline in refugee resettlement program
Conservatives circulate petition to discipline those defying church law on homosexual clergy
"Baptist evangelist irks LDS, but court is on his side"
"Abortion, judgeships, cloning ban are top priorities for conservative Christians"
"The events, people, and ideas of the past year that have or will significantly shape evangelical life, thought, or mission"
ETS to examine whether Clark Pinnock and John Sanders can remain members
"Repressive regime requires Christians to register, but won't process their applications"
Orthodox use prayer and sacraments to heal drug addicts in Russia
"Aid agencies fight starvation, Mugabe's brutal politics in Zimbabwe"
Muslim rebel attacks force school closures
J.I. Packer has strong words for those who don't feel called to agitate for reform
"'s Vice Fund invests in gambling, tobacco, and alcohol"
"Comments on Islam, denominational tensions, and motorcycle evangelism"
What role did abortion play in the congressional race?
"Financial transparency is a must, even when it's not legally required"
Churches do not have to wait for safer 15-passenger vans.
Quotations to Stir Heart and Mind
Is religious jewelry just a smokescreen?
Longing for peace in tumultuous times
"For evangelical insiders, Randall Balmer's one-man encyclopedia can be fun"
Grieving a Suicide explores the violent emotions survivors face
"Teaching the Dead Bird to Sing wrestles with overwork, discouragement, and doubt"
Max Lucado's A Love Worth Giving shows that the model for loving was set by Jesus
"With this salesman and Christian, what you see is what you get"
Hero for Humanity shows how faith can change government
Top Story June 20, 2018
Sunday Church Services Are Not About You
Sunday Church Services Are Not About You
Six tangible ways congregations can shift their gatherings from me to us.