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January 2007
Volume 51, Number 1
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Table of Contents
A scholar rescues the reputation of generation of Middle East scholars.
Paradigms in Conflict argues against changing missionary theories and practice.
Distinguishing between home and mission field no longer makes sense.
Francis Collins issues a call to stand on the middle ground.
Church fights town restrictions on services.
Roger Olson calls for a ceasefire in a long-running theological civil war.
Discovering where hope begins in a village in Mozambique.
Robert Kagan's Dangerous Nation.
The current public school model isn't working.
A not-so-clinical book for those touched by special-needs kids.
Jesus puts the all-important self in its place.
Simple Church calls churches to focus on making disciples.
Quotations to stir heart and mind.
N.T. Wright talks about how to present the gospel in a postmodern world.
Steve Turner's The Gospel According to the Beatles.
Christianity fuels social justice in The Beloved Community.
Fear of mortality lies at the root of our bioethics confusion.
The average victim is 14, and Americans make up 25 percent of the customers.
The 'business' of helping the sexually exploited help themselves.
Want to shock your neighbors? Try forgiving them.
If you had five minutes with the President, what would you say?
Ted Haggard's fall raises crucial questions about holiness.
The events, people, and debates of the past year that Christianity Today's editors and writers believe have shaped, or will significantly shape, evangelical life, thought, or mission.
Deaths of Allen Finley and Pierre Gemayel, Installation of Katharine Jefferts Schori, and other stories.
Nicaragua bans abortions, Kingsway to build a bigger church, a $75 million donation, and the Partial-Birth Abortion Act
Comments on same-sex marriage, Syria, Twinkies, and the Republican defeat.
Threatened by persistent violence, Assyrian Christians in Iraq want to govern themselves.
Study: Laws banning Sunday commerce encourage moral behavior.
Do evangelicals like big government? And other statistics.
Britain's faith schools welcome students from other religions.
Baptist report: Some 'failed' church plants never existed.
We bullied stores out of "'Happy Holidays.'" Hooray?
Pro-life Democrats hope party's takeover will remove stigma.
One family deals with its pastor's fall.
How churches heal after the pastor commits adultery.
But the broader struggle for religious freedom continues.
Seeking the Body and Blood Behind Bars
Seeking the Body and Blood Behind Bars
When I wanted to take Communion in prison, I had to “steal” it.