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November 2009 2009
Volume 53, Number 11
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Cover Story

Cover Story: Songs Of Justice, Missions Of Mercy
Why Christian musicians are embarking on a different kind of world tour.
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Did Jesus Wear Designer Robes?
The gospel preached in Africa's New Pentecostal Churches ends up leaving the poor more impoverished than ever.
The Next CT Redesign
Look for Christianity Today's new and improved presence online.
Matrix: International Religious Liberty Advocates
CT looks at the major religious liberty groups' emphases and work.
Quotation Marks
Recent statements on a sex offender becoming pastor, presenting the gospel on Twitter, and other topics.
Go Figure
Recent numbers on female senior pastors, abortion, and the megachurch.
Christianity and the Mexico Drug War
Police raid on service shows that churches are no longer neutral observers.
Nigeria: Christian Movie Capital of the World
Spirituality fuels Nollywood's booming film industry.
Trustee Ban on Advocacy Stirs Calvin Faculty
Trustee ban on "advocacy of homosexual practice and same-sex marriage" stirs up Calvin faculty.
Should Christians Fast During Ramadan?
Church leaders and observers weigh in on a current debate.
Religious-Related Custody Battles Become Messier
Religious differences are making custody disputes even messier.
Not All Evangelicals and Catholics Together
Protestant debate on justification is reigniting questions about Rome.
A Mormon Opening
Mormon Tabernacle revival service is latest sign of openness to evangelicals.
Jars of Clay: Clean Water, Clean Blood
Jars of Clay is well on the way to bringing fresh water to 1,000 African communities.
Sara Groves: Less Charity, More Justice
Sara Groves changes her strategy to spotlight Rwanda's people.
Steven Curtis Chapman: Beauty Will Rise
Steven Curtis and Mary Beth Chapman are making overseas adoption more affordable.
Derek Webb: A Different Kind of Neighbor
Derek Webb and Sandra McCracken embrace the streets of inner-city Nashville.
J. Lee Grady: 'A Voice For Sanity'
J. Lee Grady doesn't want your gold. The journalist wants a 'Holy Ghost housecleaning' of the charismatic movement.
Michael Horton: Christ at the Center
Michael Horton says we need to once again let our lives and churches be driven by the gospel.
The Lost Spiritual Discipline of Reading Biographies
Recovering the lost spiritual discipline of reading biographies.
How to Find a Good Biography
How to find a good biography.
Trees Of Life
How Floresta integrates development discipleship, and creation care overseas.
Readers Write
Your responses to the September 2009 issue of Christianity Today.
Editorial: Religious Freedom Needs More Action in D.C.
Religious freedom needs less talk and more action in Washington.
The Best and Worst New Tech
Which new technologies hold the most promise—and the most peril—for use in church ministries?
Sin: The Rest of the Story
What the snark-infested news media just don't seem to understand.
Philip Yancey Bids <i>Adieu</i> to His CT Column
We need not abandon our name—just live up to it.
Mystic with a Spreadsheet
Journalist Jeffery Sheler provides a probing biography of the two Rick Warrens.
My Top 5 Books on Life Ethics
Mourning as Gospel Drama
How to reintroduce Christ to the funeral service.
Wilson's Bookmarks
From the editor of Books & Culture.
Excerpt: 'Tithing' by Douglas LeBlanc
For John and Sylvia Ronsvalle, tithing is not only a matter of obeying God.
Tim Keller on American Idols
Tim Keller explains why money, sex, and power so easily capture our affections.
Cleaner, The
A&E's 'The Cleaner' is about tough love and redemption.
Annie Young Frisbie's Top 5 Movies on Thankfulness
Destiny or Free Will?
That is the question, according to ABC's FlashForward.
A Middle Way
There's a third side in the worship wars.
Quick Media Takes
Books, films, music of note in November.
Jonathan Merritt: The Green Baptist
Jonathan Merritt seeks a renewed approach to American society.