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Christian Nationalism Debates Expose Clashing Views of Power
As American evangelicals head to the polls, they disagree about the meaning of the contested phrase.
The Outsized Role of Christian Schools in Arab Israeli Politics
Established in the Ottoman era, Western-birthed educational institutions continue to play a leading role in shaping the public discourse of Israel’s Palestinian citizens.
Five States to Vote on Abortion Rights This Election Day
Christian pro-life activists have their eyes on a record-high number of ballot measures, including state constitutional amendments.
Something Fake and Wicked This Way Comes
When our Halloween celebrations domesticate evil, we often miss a chance to see true darkness through the light of Christ.
Thailand’s New Abortion Law Faces Both Buddhist and Christian Opposition
With abortions now legal up to 20 weeks, the two faiths share common cause but not common effort on the sanctity of life.
Q&A Natasha Sistrunk Robinson: Call for the Wailing Women of Color
The editor of “Voices of Lament” on how public injustice demands public sorrow.
This Is Not the Most Important Election of Our Lives
Michael Wear, founder of the Center for Christianity and Public Life, on the state of American politics, what’s at stake in the midterms, and the temptation to “ultimatize” our issues.
California Baker Sued for Discrimination Wins Free Speech Case
Ahead of another Supreme Court case over same-sex wedding clients, judge defends cake-maker’s First Amendment rights.
What South Asian Christians Do During Diwali
Festival of Lights marking the Hindu new year brings invitations to Jesus followers in India, Nepal, and neighboring nations.
Public Schools Aren’t Godless. Ask the Christians Who Feel Called to Stay.
Amid pandemic shifts and concerns over controversial curricula, more families have opted for private or homeschool. But many believers see their place in the system.
Christians Say Sayfo Martyrs Should Get Genocide Status
Syriac-Aramean Christians, fewer in number than similarly suffering Armenians, assert their Ottoman-era plight deserves separate recognition.
DOJ Steps Up Prosecution of Pro-Life Protestors at Clinics
In the wake of “Dobbs,” federal prosecutors have filed more than a dozen federal indictments against protestors obstructing access to abortion clinics.
An Ark Mentality Can’t Survive an Anxiety-Flooded Age
In a world of fear and turmoil, the story of Noah brings baptismal hope.
The Push for Women’s Rights in Iran Is a Push for Religious Freedom Too
Christian advocate: The uprising in Tehran coincides with the rising disillusionment with Islam and the growth of the underground church.
Evangelical Creation Care Expert Shares Lessons Learned from Global Tour
Around the world, Christians look to scriptural lessons on stewardship to depoliticize environmental issues.
American Idol: How Politics Replaced Spiritual Practice
Christian formation is central to civic renewal, not the other way around.
What’s to Blame for Thailand’s Deadliest Mass Killing?
Some point to economic, social, and moral problems, but a Thai pastor encourages a deeper look.
The Forgotten Christian Cause: Preserving Democracy
This election season, love your neighbor by supporting voter results, a free press, and a peaceful transfer of power.
What’s Wrong with Winsomeness?
The fruit of the Spirit still apply in a hostile culture.
In a Sea of National Tragedies, Look to Buffalo’s Christians
Those who lived through the racially motivated attacks are focusing on the local to see progress.

Top Story December 6, 2022

Finding Common Ground in a Big Fish
Finding Common Ground in a Big Fish
Christian scholars look for ways to connect with Muslims over the shared story of Jonah.

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