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Southern Baptists to Launch New Org to Oversee Abuse Database
After years of holdups, a task force says the work of abuse reform is too much for volunteers alone.
What Research Says About the Five Love Languages
Even Gary Chapman clarifies it’s not about picking just one.
Aaron Ivey, Worship Pastor at Austin Stone, Fired Over Explicit Texts
The author, musician, and husband of podcaster Jamie Ivey showed “a very clear pattern of predatory manipulation” in messages to multiple males, according to church elders.
Died: Henry Blackaby, Author of ‘Experiencing God’
The Canadian pastor’s influential Bible study sold 8 million copies and pointed readers to trust God’s plan.
Alistair Begg Stands by LGBTQ Wedding Advice with Sermon on Jesus’ Compassion
Despite his opposition to same-sex marriage, Begg’s “grandfatherly” pastoral counsel cost him his place on American Family Radio and at the Shepherds Conference.
Paul Pressler’s Case Haunts Southern Baptist Abuse Reform
The downfall of a prominent leader of the Conservative Resurgence—a “dangerous predator” whose behavior was hidden for decades—symbolizes a wider failure to deal with sex abuse and coverup.
T. D. Jakes Keeps Preaching Revival After Shooting Down Rumors
Followers continue to flock to the prosperity gospel minister even after his A-list connections spawned recent scrutiny.
Word Perfect: Christian Proofreaders Celebrate a Billion Bibles Checked
Peachtree Publishing Services reviews 80 percent of Protestant Bibles in the US, looking at 300,000 details in each project.
Most US Christians Back Israel’s ‘Bold Measures’ to Combat Hamas
But they still want to see civilian casualties minimized, negotiations, and political solutions for lasting peace, according to a new survey.
Documentary Follows Pastor’s Harrowing Rescue Missions Out of North Korea
In “Beyond Utopia,” a Korean ministry has helped over 1,000 people escape the brutal regime.
Metal-Detecting Brits Unearth Medieval Church Artifacts
Archaeologists are using over a million amateur finds to study pilgrimage sites, the Black Death, and the Protestant Reformation.
What Dallas Pastors Preached After JFK’s Assassination
Sixty years later, their sermons calling for change and greater civility still resonate.
Nashville Pastor Scott Sauls Resigns After Apologizing for Harsh Leadership
Sauls spent a decade leading Christ Presbyterian Church and had been on leave since May.
Among Chinese Southern Baptists, Women Continue to Use Pastor Title
Leaders say “due to history and language” churches use the term for non-ordained ministers and women.
Sudanese Protestant Church Destroyed in All Saints’ Day Bombing
The largest and second-oldest church in Omdurman was hit following similar bombings targeting local evangelical schools.
Abuse Survivors ‘Disgusted’ by Southern Baptist Court Brief
Lawyers for multiple SBC entities argued against third-party liability under Kentucky’s new statute of limitations.
Evangelical Mike Johnson ‘Raised Up’ as House Speaker
After weeks of jockeying in Congress, Republicans voted in the Bible-quoting Louisiana Southern Baptist.
Religious Freedom Commission Laments Israel-Hamas War at Anniversary Gathering
As the International Religious Freedom Act turns 25, advocates look ahead to next steps.
Chiang Mai’s First Pregnancy Center Offers Thais a Pro-Life Alternative
Last year, Thailand legalized abortion up to 20 weeks.
Green Card Change Leaves Thousands of Foreign-Born Pastors in Limbo
The wait for those with religious worker visas suddenly grew by years due to a procedural shift, and advocates and attorneys fear they could lose their place in the US.

Top Story February 21, 2024

Through Compassion Philippines, Locals Can Now Sponsor Children
Through Compassion Philippines, Locals Can Now Sponsor Children
Following in the footsteps of South Korea, the most-Christian country in Asia opens its own fundraising office.

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