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De qué modo las iglesias enaltecen y protegen a los pastores abusivos
Una psicóloga explora las dinámicas de poder que ayudan a convertir a los pastores en lobos
How Churches Elevate and Protect Abusive Pastors
A psychologist explores the power dynamics that help turn shepherds into wolves.
How Codependency Hampered My Pastoral Ministry
Part of the emotional drain I felt during the pandemic came from trying to manage my members’ feelings.
The Best Way to Memorize Scripture Has Little to Do with Learning Words
How neuroscience can help us to be doers of the Word.
5 Books on Understanding the Human Brain
Chosen by Bradley L. Sickler, author of "God on the Brain: What Cognitive Science Does (and Does Not) Tell Us about Faith, Human Nature, and the Divine" (Crossway).
2020 Brought Trials for This Patient and Doctor. But Faith and Love Still Grew.
New research defines spiritual fortitude: a quality that can help us face this year’s trauma.
Ciência e Escrituras concordam: cantar eleva nosso espírito
Por que os cristãos cantam mesmo quando a esperança parece perdida.
버려졌다는 아픔 경험을 가진 입양아들
우리는 아이들을 섬기려고 하는가, 아니면 섬김을 받으려 하는가?
Adopted Children Have Already Been ‘Re-Homed’
A therapist and adoptee asks: Are we seeking to serve or be served by our children?
Por que este é o momento do “abraço lateral” do cristão
Será que o nosso medo de germes terá vantagem sobre nós? Um psicólogo avalia os riscos e os benefícios do toque humano em uma pandemia.
Science and Scripture Agree: Singing Lifts Our Spirits
Why Christians erupt in song, even when hope seems lost.
Why This Is the Christian Side Hug’s Moment
Will our disgust for germs get the best of us? A psychologist weighs the risks and benefits of human touch in a pandemic.
The Uncertain Ministry of an Adult Child of an Alcoholic
Recognizing the effects of my childhood has led me to a healthier mindset as a pastor.
Resilient Church Leaders, Part 3: Psychology’s Thoughts on the Faith and the Church
Mental health professionals and spiritual directors would benefit in their work from cooperation with each other.
The Many Faces of Narcissism in the Church
Sometimes it appears in the pulpit, and sometimes it festers behind the scenes.
There’s No Shame When a Miracle Doesn’t Come
God didn’t #WakeUpOlive, but the gospel teaches Christ’s solidarity with suffering.
Is the Wisdom of Mary Unique for a Teenager?
Psychology suggests why we shouldn't look down on the faith of the young.
What If I’m Not the ‘Submissive’ Type?
I used to be repulsed by Ephesians 5. Then I learned to see Paul’s instructions through a gospel lens.
When Restoration Hurts
Christian counselors grapple with how to encourage reconciliation while protecting victims.
Scripture and Neuroscience Agree: It Helps to Lament in Community
Through song, liturgy, and communion, the body of Christ inhabits the suffering experienced by its weakest members.

Top Story December 3, 2020

Jefferson Tried to ‘Fix’ the Bible. He Only Succeeded in Making It Sad.
Thomas Jefferson Tried to ‘Fix’ the Bible. He Only Succeeded in Making It Sad.
The third president’s attempts to revise Scripture offer a warning about our own tendency to “edit” the truth.

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