Reflecting the Trends
Theology and Apologetics
The Legend(s) of John Todd
Children’s Lenten Wisdom
Art and Theology at the National Gallery
The story of Jesus is used to punctuate a philosophic outlook of meaningfulness.
Getting into Shape Spiritually
If you find it exhausting to race against men on foot, how will you compete against horses?
Is Psychotherapy Unbiblical?
A caring Christian community and biblically based counseling are not always enough.
America’s Battle against the Bottle
Evangelical support of temperance is no cause for embarrassment in our intemperate society.
Engineering Humans
Who is to do what to whom?
Saint for Our Day: Charles de Foucauld
Our time, noisy and affluent, finds it difficult to handle his challenge.
The Battle for World Evangelism
An Open Response to Arthur Johnston
Evangelizing Muslims: Are There Ways?
The church has been programmed to accept the inevitabilities of meager results.
An Evangelical Theology: Conservative and Contemporary
The Classical Approach and the Liberal Experiment
The Touchstone: The Discipline to Discriminate
Theology and Apologetics

Top Story February 27, 2024

God Whispers to a Restless and Grief-Stricken Heart
God Whispers to a Restless and Grief-Stricken Heart
An excerpt on doubt, despair, and restoration from Land of My Sojourn: The Landscape of a Faith Lost and Found.

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