Readers who wish to learn more about Schwenckfeld and the Schwenkfelders should first turn to:

Selina Gerhard Schultz, Caspar Schwenckfeld von Ossig , 4th edition, Pennsburg, PA, 1977.

Selina Gerhard Schultz, A Course of Study in the Life and Teachings of Caspar Schwenckfeld and the History of the Schwenckfelder Movement, Board of Publications of the Schwenckfelder Church, 1964.

Peter C. Erb, Schwenckfeld in His Reformation Setting , Pennsburg, Schwenckfelder Library, 1977, This volume contains a useful bibliography.

R Emmet McLaughlin, Caspar Schwenckfeld, Reluctant Radical: His Life to 1540 , Yale, New Haven, 1986.

The following publications (along with McLaughlin’s book above) have been released since Erb’s Schwenckfeld in his Reformation Setting bibliography:

Peter C. Erb, editor: Schwenckfeld and Early Schwenckfeldianism: Papers Presented at the International Colloquium on Schwenckfeld and the Schwenckfelders , September, 1984 (1986)

Peter C. Erb, editor: Schwenckfelders in America: Papers Presented at the International Colloquium on Schwenckfeld and the Schwenckfelders. 1987 (1987). Editor & translator: The Spiritual Diary of Christopher Wiegner (1978).

Siegfried Knorrlich, The Refuge Church in Harpersdorf, Silesia , transated by Sherman L Gerhard, 1982.

W. Kyrel Meschter, Twentieth century Schwenckfelders: A Narrative History (1984).

Dennis Moyer, editor, Schwenckfelder Library Newsletter (1987).

Andre Seguenny, The Christology of Caspar Schwenckfeld , translated by Peter C. Erb and Simone Nieuwolt, Lewiston (1987).

L Allen Viehmeyer, The Tumultuous years; Schwenckfelder Chronicles, 1580–1750 (1980).

Horst Weigelt, The Schwenckfelders in Silesia , translated by Peter C. Erb (1985).

In addition, over 50 books and treatises by Schwenckfeld ...

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