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October 5 1998, 1998
Volume 42, Number 11
October 5
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Obsessed with the End Times
PAX TV off the Ground
Reconcilers Fellowship Folds
Giving and Getting in 1997
Donations in 1997 rose 7.5% to $143.5 billion. Individual gifts to religious causes were the most common.
More PK Downsizing
McCartney admits staff morale problem.
Party Calls for Immigration Cuts
Religion Law Jeopardizes Evangelism
New Coptic Church Forcibly Closed
C. S. Lewis Birth Bash Draws Crowd
Terrorism: Bombings Inflame Religious Tensions
Muslim-Christian tensions remain high.
Vineyard: Costa Rican Coffee Finances Urban Outreach
A Costa Rican church underwrites an urban outreach effort with premium coffee sales.
The Prodigal Who Didn’t Come Home
Why the President's "apology" misfired
Jerusalem as Jesus Views It
The Muslim Challenge
Satan with a Stethoscope
Novels you don't want to read before surgery.
Putting Death in Your Daytimer
Reading as memento mori.
Finishing Well
After achieving success, early retirees are finding significance in second-career mission assignments.
Me? Apologize for Slavery?
I may not have owned slaves, but I've benefited from their having been used.
Bringing Up Babies
It takes a church to raise the McCaugheys' septuplets.
The Good HMO
First Resort founder Shari Plunkett wondered how to reach unhappily pregnant women. Answer: Work with HMOs.
Is Hell Forever?
Annihilationists anticipate one ultimate destiny for the wicked, an undifferentiated nonexistence.
Theology for the Rest of Us
The church needs to recover doctrine from its academic captivity.
Evangelicals Are Not an Interest Group
Our message is not, We put you in office, now pay up; but rather, This should be done because it is right.