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October 4 1999, 1999
Volume 43, Number 11
October 4
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Cover Story

‘Do You Believe in God?’
Columbine and the stirring of America’s soul.
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Teen Heroes
Michael G. Maudlin, Managing Editor
Church Takes Aim at Deadwood
George M. Wilson BGEA Leader
Holy Land 'Living Museum' Planned
Homosexual Job Protection Revived
Wanted: Young, Dedicated Leaders
Dwelling in Unity?
Lutherans, Episcopalians aspire to full communion, but differences remain over role of bishops.
Baptist Leads Peace Movement
Twenty-five Pastors Killed This Year
Homosexual Ordination Reconsidered
A Long Slow Fall
After three troubled years, Archbishop Spyridon resigns.
Asia: Christian Women Combat Sex Trafficking
Christian women lead girls out of sexual bondage.
Evangelism: Prison Alpha Debuts in Texas
In Guns We Trust
Fear and idolatry are our real gun problem.
Tough Love Saved Cassie
How the Bernalls helped Cassie break with old friends and build a new life.
Keeping Up with the Amish
We evangelicals have made a too-easy peace with the inroads of consumer culture.
Just Saying 'No' Is Not Enough
A CT forum on homosexuality and public policy.
The Incredibly Shrinking Gay Gene
The Incredibly Shrinking Gay Gene
Why Pat Boone Went 'Bad'
His controversial mission to interpret pop culture for cranky Christians.
The Island of Too Many Churches
Jamaica's fractured fellowship is on the mend.
Separation of Church and Reich
The surprising story of how one Nazi regime ended the war with more Jews than it had before.
Send Dollars and Sense
Why giving is often better than going.
Eternal Ink
A growing movement of Christian tattooists is leaving its mark on both body and soul.
New Media: Luther's Latest Reformation
Whoa, Susannah!
It's great music, but its portrayal of Christian hypocrisy will make you wince.
There’s More to Augustine than Sex
Dispelling myths about one of the greatest thinkers of the ancient world.