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August 7 , 2000
Volume 44, Number 9
August 7
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Table of Contents
Changes make the Passion play more sensitive to Jews and more faithful to Scripture.
Theologian John Mark Hicks discovered the healing power of lament.
Methodist evangelicals pull a once 'incurably liberal' denomination back toward the orthodox center.
Tipping Point author Malcolm Gladwell thinks churches can learn a lot from the flu bug.
A case study in word-of-mouth epidemics.
Louisiana's special assistant attorney general questions well-intentioned lawmakers.
Phyllis Tickle thinks cookbooks and prayerbooks have a lot in common.
A veteran missiologist and marketing analyst implores the missions community to tabulate less and pray more
An hour of quiet is a rare gift, hard to come by in an ordinary week, even for those who seek it.
The SBC's new Faith and Message brings needed clarity—but maybe at the cost of honest diversity.
Too many believers pick and choose their own truths.
Missionary says women suffer grave injustices.
Clarke wants the African-American church fired up about career mission service.
For years our congregation had done short-term missions projects. Then the Afar of Africa expanded our vision.
In focusing so intently on Jesus the man, Peter Jennings' report missed the big picture.
Quotes on Christian virtues | posted 8/22/00
After pregame prayer is barred, educators say they do not need a microphone to pray.
Women reaching women is key to the future of missions.
Christian college costs are lower than the national average, but increasing at a higher rate.
Christians hope to break the silence and overcome Asia's prejudice against people with AIDS.
Central American farmers gather more than one harvest.
Freedoms may be in danger in the new Russia.
Southern Baptists work and witness in Chicago street outreach.
Presbyterians, Catholics try to reconcile as expulsions persist in Chiapas.
After pregame prayer is barred, educators say they do not need a microphone to pray.
The financially strapped NCC reaches out to evangelicals and Roman Catholics.
Episcopalians defer debate over same-sex blessings for another three years.
Long-time Dallas pastor and chairman of Christianity Today International's Board of Directors stricken at Montreat, North Carolina
Top Story May 23, 2018
Paige Patterson Out After Southwestern Trustees Vote
Paige Patterson Out After Southwestern Trustees Vote
Decision follows Southern Baptist leader’s apology to women for past comments.