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August 6 2001, 2001
Volume 45, Number 10
August 6
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Cover Story

Silicon Valley Saints
High-tech Christian executives in California are bringing biblical values back into a mecca of Mammon.
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Reporting with the Top Down
Behind Tony Carnes's reporting on Silicon Valley churches
C.S. Lewis: Mere Marketing?
Publisher, estate under fire for handling of C. S. Lewis's identity.
Navy: Judge Says Chaplain Can Sue Navy
Evangelicals say Catholics and liturgical Protestants are more likely to be promoted.
Church-State: Conservatives Vow to Revive Vouchers
Proposal left out of education reform bills
Presbyterians Void Ban on Gay Clergy
Presbyteries will vote on national meeting's action during the next year.
Court Ruling is Good News for Equal Access
Religious conservatives hail religious club case as protection for free-speech.
Episcopalians: More 'Missionary Bishops' Ordained
Anglican Mission in America continues to grow
Philippines: Kidnapped Missionaries Reported Safe
But danger increasing for Burnhams—and for workers around the world.
Yugoslavia: Evangelical Churches Stoned, Vandalized
Persecution from Orthodox extremists on rise since Milosevic forced from office.
Aslan Is Still on the Move
There's too little evidence to prove that anyone is 'de-Christianizing' C.S. Lewis.
Good News Indeed
How many times must the Supreme Court tell schools not to exclude faith groups?
A Church for Internet Entrepreneurs
Grace Presbyterian had a Web site before it even had Sunday services
Silicon Values
Digital culture's relentless critic, Paulina Borsook, discusses the 'religion' of Silicon Valley and its virtual extensions
Pay No Attention to that Man Behind the Curtain
The electronic wizardry that helps Billy Graham tell the old, old story to millions
Bridging the Digital Divide
How one Toronto mission is bringing computer literacy to inner-city kids
A Unity Not of Our Making
Why—biblically speaking—we should question the unity-in-diversity refrains coming out of many denominational headquarters
What Good is Stardust?
The universe is remarkable for what God has equipped it to do
Quotations to Stir Mind and Heart
Quotations to stir heart and mind
Bearing the Cross | Jeff M. Sellers: Forgotten Gulag in North Korea
What you can do to help persecuted Christians
Preaching to Preschoolers
A children's sermon is a time to feed their imaginations, not their egos
Should Christians Sue?
I know the Bible says Christians should not sue Christians, but is it okay to sue non-Christians?
A.I.: Artificial Intelligence
Despite Steven Spielberg's reputation for producing warm fuzzies, A.I. is bleak.
First Maps of a New Frontier
A professor explores the meaning of neighbors in the global village
'Not Enough Faith to Convert Enemy'
Microsoft's Age of Empires reminds us what our faith is—and isn't—about.
Reversing Biblical Memory Loss
The language of faith doesn't have to become a foreign tongue