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February 4 2002, 2002
Volume 46, Number 2
February 4
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Cover Story

Is the God of Muhammad the Father of Jesus?
The answer to this question reveals the heart of our faith.
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The 10,000-Mile Courtship
Behind Ted Olsen's report on Zambia.
Quotation Marks
"Recent comments on religion and politics, self-defense for clergy, and atheists in Sunday School"
Go Figure
Do Christian readers want more fiction or more Bible studies?
Today's Sermon: Thou Shalt Not Steal
Several pastors caught using the words of others without attribution.
Raiders of the Lost Ark
An Ethiopian tabot lost for 130 years is found in a cathedral cupboard
The Holy City
"A mayoral ban in Inglis, Florida designates the town free of Satan"
The Lowdown on Downloads
"Now that Napster is all but dead, Christian music companies are the first to try its model for profit"
Commercial Brake
Advertising for a Church of England diocese equates Jesus' crucifixion to body piercing
Missing God at Macalester
A college president asks his students to start praying for better survey results
Midterm Exams
"GOP, Democrats count on religious vote for congressional campaigns."
September 11: Church Binds 9/11 Wounds with Quick Cash
A New York mission offers aid to those who need it without all the red tape
Mining Controversy: Robertson Takes Flak for Gold-Mining Venture
"Freedom Gold has not yet mined much in Liberia, but it is already producing critical media attention for its founder."
Rite of Passage: Promise Keepers Begins to Evangelize Boys
"The youth-orientated Passage draws 14,000 to Ohio rally"
Bible Translation: Revised NIV Makes Its Debut
Translators alter 7 percent of the text to update style and gender issues.
Southern Baptists: SBC Agency May Revoke D.C. Funds
"The District of Columbia Baptist Convention may lose $475,000 in annual support because of differences with the North American Mission Board"
Afghanistan: Entrapment Suspected
Shelter Now leader believes workers were pawns in Taliban scheme
North Africa: Interest in Satellite TV Up Since 9/11
North Africans are showing a growing interest in Christian programs
Philipines: Missionary Couple Remains in Limbo
The apparently poor condition of the Burnhams has given the case a new urgency
Church Leader Gets Reprieve
China's case against Gong Shengliang now on hold
Kenya: Christians Flee Rioting
Tensions between landowners and tenants spark violence in Nairobi slum
Outpaced by Islam?
The Muslim challenge is growing faster than our Christian outreach
Bad Priorities Can Kill
"In churches where missions is a program, it is the first thing cut in hard times"
Does God Hear Muslims' Prayers?
We must remember that God does not deal with theologies; he deals with persons.
One African Nation Under God
Zambia is missionary David Livingstone's greatest legacy. But this Christian nation isn't always heaven on earth
Fire in the Sky
"Terrorism, drug wars, and international politics are just a few of the challenges confronting today's mission pilots"
"Big, Soft Targets"
Christian relief agencies no longer work in war zones—they are the war zones
The Agony of the Families
"As aid workers in Afghanistan went from defendants under draconian law to hostages in a war, their loved ones at home also underwent a trial"
Whatever Happened to Repentance?
We've come to think our faith is about comfort. It's not
A Daily Repentance Workout
"As we grow in knowledge of ourselves, God's grace allows us to resist habitual sin and grow in self-control"
Classroom Corrections
Some crimes can only be prevented with chalk and ruler
Still Somebody
"Despite an embarrassing scandal and widespread irritation with his methods, Jesse Jackson continues to be an influential voice in the church. Should evangelicals listen?"
Only God Is Free
Many discussions about openness theology assume that human freedom and divine freedom are pretty much the same thing. They're not
In the Word: The Jesus Scandal
The church has a long history of discomfort with Christ
God's Mission
Quotations to stir the heart and mind on being Christian
The Long View: Wielding the Sword
Early believers were not as troubled as we are by the use of force
A Quiet Compromise
Why a moment of silence is better than school prayer
Nights of the Living Dead
Do horror films help us conquer our fears, or merely exploit them?
Coming to a Screen Near You
"Cloud Ten moves beyond end-times fare, and The Count of Monte Cristo brings swashbuckling into a new millennium"
Tall Tales
Two Christian thrillers rediscover the 'giants' of Genesis 6 (and Enoch).
No Longer Just a Rock Band
The CCM culture awakens to the praise within Third Day’s songs
Was Just Wondering…
Twenty questions that nag me after September 11