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April 2003 2003
Volume 47, Number 4
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Cover Story

Faith and Fear on the <em>Truman</em>
How one Navy chaplain helps men and women face combat.
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Great Places to Work
There is indeed much to praise and imitate in Christian companies
Quotation Marks
Recent comments about Augustine's Confessions and canonizing Ivan the Terrible
Brrr-nabas Ministry
Group encourages and counsels Alaska's secluded missionaries
Go Figure
What percentage of Americans say they are spiritual but not religious?
Addiction a click away
"Internet gambling is hooking shut-ins, including Christians"
Christians form broad alliance
Christian Churches Together in the USA announces it will launch once 25 denominations join
Session Deep Sixed
Presbyterians gird for gay-clergy battle at assembly
Christians back abstinence-fidelity plan against deadly virus
Suing Success
Prison Fellowship says its Inner Change program is clearly constitutional
Kenya: Churches Back Truth Commission
Panel will examine allegations of murder and corruption under former president
Korea: Helping Refugees Run Roadblocks
"No nation wants North Koreans, but Christians rally to their cause"
Time to Decide
Only a handful of Southern Baptist missionaries leave amid revisions to BFM
Uncle Sam's Prayer Stick
Educators can no longer afford to ignore federal guidelines on religion in schools
Civics for Gay Activists
We may see more die from HIV/AIDS because gay activists are intolerant
The 40 Best Christian Places to Work
What makes them so good? (Hint: Not money)
40 Best Christian Places to Work: The Complete List & A Closer Look at the Top Finalists
Christianity Today salutes four finalists in ten categories.
Inheriting the Cracked Earth
Material poverty and spiritual riches in Brazil's parched Northeast
Brazil’s Christian Roots
"Since the 1600s, the number of protestants has risen to more than 27 million"
A Middle Way in the Middle East
A third theological path through the Israeli-Palestinian thicket
The Pastor without a Paycheck
Randy Alcorn learned to live what he had preached while fleeing the wrath of abortionists and the judgment of the courts
Cross and Resurrection
Quotations to stir heart and mind at Easter
Religious Cleansing
What you can do to help persecuted Christians in Indonesia
Prayers for Salvation
God may have lessons for us in the way he answers our askings
Christian Esperanto
We must learn other cultural tongues
Reluctant Saint: Francis of Assisi
A documentary tells us less about the medieval saint than about pop spirituality
Fresh Insight
Hearing with the Heart reflects on discerning God's direction
The Pain of Gain
How Much is Enough? describes how we turn to fleeting satisfactions and away from God
Legendary Fiction
Patrick recreates the life of St. Patrick into an epic saga
Pondering Paul
The Psychology of Paul explores how a zealous persecutor became Christianity's greatest evangelist
Taming Beasts
"Raising the moral status of dogs has created a breed of snarling, dangerous humans"