August (Web-only) 2006

Invincible predictable, but memorableSubscriber Access Only
Christian film critics on Invincible, How to Eat Fried Worms, Idlewild, Beerfest, and Boynton Beach Club. Plus, yet another review of Little Miss Sunshine.
Snakes and IllusionsSubscriber Access Only
Does Snakes on a Plane live up to the hype? Is The Illusionist "cinematic storytelling at its best"? Christian critics review these, and Accepted, Material Girls, and Factotum. Plus, more reviews of Little Miss Sunshine.
Christian Criticism ...and Movie HeroismSubscriber Access Only
What is Christian film criticism, anyway? Plus, reviews of World Trade Center, Step Up, Zoom, Pulse, and more perspectives on Little Miss Sunshine and Lady in the Water.
Ricky Bobby's "Bawdy Absurdity"Subscriber Access Only
Talladega Nights shifts into lowbrow. Barnyard moo-ves audiences. The Night Listener is spooky and baffling. The Descent falls into formula. Plus, more reviews of Scoop and Miami Vice.
Less Miami, More ViceSubscriber Access Only
Critics pull over the fast cars and fast affairs of Miami Vice, admire The Ant Bully, applaud Little Miss Sunshine, sample Scoop, and sentence John Tucker Must Die. Plus, more thoughts on Monster House and Lady in the Water.
Reflections from a Messianic Jew in IsraelSubscriber Access Only
When questions are too hard to answer, we must still be about our Father's business.
The Fulfillment of Prophecy Right Before Our EyesSubscriber Access Only
Walking among Lebanon's Christians.
The World Council of Churches Buddies Up to HezbollahSubscriber Access Only
Nearly the entire international community blames Lebanon's terrorist militia. Why is the WCC silent?
A Rich RetellingSubscriber Access Only
Screenwriter Mike Rich faced a daunting task in bringing Joseph and Mary—and Christ's birth—to cinematic life, but he felt led to do it anyway. The result, The Nativity Story, hits theaters in December.
Georgetown Ousts Evangelical GroupsSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Is remarriage after divorce adultery? A false Sign of the Cross controversy, Uganda and Lord's Resistance Army agree to truce, and other stories from online sources around the world.
Faith-Based Lack of InitiativeSubscriber Access Only
Plus: More hard data on what evangelicals really believe, William Martin on T. D. Jakes, criminal religious TV, Jackie Mason doesn't find Jews for Jesus funny, and other stories from online sources around the world.
How to Eat Fried WormsSubscriber Access Only
InvincibleSubscriber Access Only
Outrage on Plan B, So Why Not the Pill?Subscriber Access Only
Plus: Pro-lifers not impressed by embryo research development, Malaysia's top court won't rule soon on Lina Joy case, and other stories from online sources around the world.
Malaysia Bans Religious SpeechSubscriber Access Only
Plus: One killed in India church attack, stolen Jesus painting won't stop debate, news values on gender vs. race, and other stories from online sources around the world.
The Ties That BindSubscriber Access Only
Anne Tyler's new novel centers on two very different families brought together when they both adopt Korean girls.
The IllusionistSubscriber Access Only
Snakes on a PlaneSubscriber Access Only
A Late Summer Gospel ExtravaganzaSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Execution of Indonesian Christians delayed, spiritual travel, more Bono, and more articles from online sources around the world.
Another Conflict in the Middle East, Another Christian ExodusSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Dobson comments on Mel's outburst and The Passion.
Live Like You Are DyingSubscriber Access Only
Finding wisdom in wilderness.
At 28, Pastor Has Five Degrees and a 4,300-Member FlockSubscriber Access Only
Church at Brook Hills leader David Platt may be youngest megachurch pastor ever.
Equal Opportunity ExecutionSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Christians in Lebanon, Bill Hybels, and more articles from online sources around the world.
9/11 at the CineplexSubscriber Access Only
The effects of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks have been influencing films ever since—and not just the movies that are specifically about that terrible, tragic day.
Another Re-Release? Enough Already!Subscriber Access Only
With CD sales on the decline, record labels are always looking for new ways to sell albums. But is the constant flood of re-releases really doing anyone any favors?
ZoomSubscriber Access Only
Ministries Eager but Skeptical on Cuban ChangeSubscriber Access Only
Evangelistic and church groups not partying like it's 1989, when communism fell in Eastern Europe.
World Trade CenterSubscriber Access Only
Evangelical Leaders, Bush at Odds Over North KoreaSubscriber Access Only
Franklin Graham opposes sanctions, Land and Cizik encourage broader focus from White House.
Korean Christians Plan to Sue over Afghanistan ExpulsionSubscriber Access Only
Plus: The latest on Christians in Lebanon, the Mel Gibson story keeps on going, Awana and Navigators join Michael J. Fox in suit, and other stories from online sources around the world.
BarnyardSubscriber Access Only
The Night ListenerSubscriber Access Only
Talladega NightsSubscriber Access Only
'We Did Not Listen. Therefore, Has This Trouble Come'Subscriber Access Only
What evangelicals and Jews need to hear from each other in the Israel-Hezbollah conflict.
A 'Prayer' to Condoleezza RiceSubscriber Access Only
After the water turns to blood at Qana, how long?
Not the Wheel ThingSubscriber Access Only
A history of the Tour de France.
Alchemy in PhiladelphiaSubscriber Access Only
Revising the history of the "Scientific Revolution."
Big Screen Jesus
Big Screen Jesus
Two upcoming films target the 'Passion'
Back to Plan BSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Who was Seattle's shooter? Greg Boyd's politics, Mel Gibson's anti-Semitism, and other stories from online sources around the world.
Down on the Funny FarmSubscriber Access Only
Steve Oedekerk, the writer/director/producer of Barnyard, might be one of Hollywood's funniest guys. For Oedekerk, a Christian, it's all about the joy of making people laugh.
Window of LightSubscriber Access Only

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When I Was a Health Risk to Society
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