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July 2010
Volume 54, Number 7
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Cover Story

Why Every Christian Is Called to Support Adoption
Abba changes everything.


Whole Earth Evangelism
Creation care is part and parcel of the Great Commission and the Great Commandment.
Evangelism vs. Missions?
Southern Baptists contemplate unleashing the IMB at home.
Churches Adopt Adoption
Churches are getting real about adoption's challenges—and helping families after the child arrives.
Love Where You Live
Urban, suburban, and rural churches respond to new challenges in a less mobile era.


Bearing True Witness
Why we are tempted to embellish conversion stories.
Frozen Embryos: Biotech's Hidden Dilemma
What should be done with frozen embryos left at fertility clinics?
Stride Toward Peace: The Mideast's Nonviolent Moment
Risking love in a land of violence.


Christian Zionism in the Dock
Two documentaries take on the controversial theology.
A Needed Clamor
Documentary seeks answer to its own title: 'The End of Poverty?'
Focus on the Females
James Dobson explains his ideas for raising daughters, and life after Focus.
Vainly Naming the Name
Cussing isn't our only problem—though that's bad enough.
Real Presence
What can happen when a thoroughly secular woman eats a piece of bread. A review of 'Jesus Freak.'
My Top 5 Books on Orphan Care
Picks from Jedd Medefind, president, the Christian Alliance for Orphans.
Screwtape for New Atheists
'The Loser Letters' pokes serious fun at a mostly humorless movement.
The Authentic Bonhoeffer
Eric Metaxas explains how the German theologian lived a life worth examining.
Wilson's Bookmarks
'Pearl Buck in China,' 'The Flight of the Intellectuals,' and 'Here Comes the Garbage Barge.'
The Christian Atheist
Believing in God but living as if he doesn't exist.
Books to Note
Short reviews of recent books worth considering.


Reforming Health Care Reform
How states are blocking abortion coverage.
Nepal's Religious Identity Debated, Alcohol and Church Coexist under New Law, and Other News
Important developments in the church and the world.
Go Figure
Stats on clergy jobs, faith and politics, and the abortion debate's "new normal."
Quotation Marks
Chuck Swindoll's last wish, Ann Curry's mix-up, and more.
Mixed Blessings
Love offerings prove taxing.
Sheep Stealing Studied
Presbyterians weigh guidelines for reformists.
'Freedom of Worship' Worries
New religious freedom rhetoric within the Obama administration draws concern.
A Hand Up: Aid for Trade in Mozambique
Faith-based model teaches rural poor how to use trade to rise out of poverty.
Should Churches Increase 2011 Budgets?
Financial advisers, researchers, and other observers weigh in on whether churches should increase their operating budgets next year.

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Adoption Is Everywhere
Even God is into it.
Class Action
Nicole Baker Fulgham champions educational equity with Teach for America.