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Volume 55, Number 5
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The CT archives are a rich treasure of biblical wisdom and insight from our past. Some things we would say differently today, and some stances we've changed. But overall, we're amazed at how relevant so much of this content is. We trust that you'll find it a helpful resource.
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Cover Story

A World Without the King James Version
Where we would be without the most popular English Bible ever.


King James Version Quiz
Which of the following phrases are from the King James Version?
Hunger Strikes
Spike in food prices shifts attention to market access.
From Russia, with Love
Orthodox Metropolitan Hilarion offers evangelicals more than an olive branch.
Joining the Eternal Song
How liturgical prayer is saving our community from burnout.
Migrating Ministry
One refugee pastor is key to the resettlement of Bhutanese in Texas.
The Seven Levels of Lying
We lie more than we think. And that's part of the problem.
The Foot-Washers of Ethiopia
A mysterious disease, misdiagnosed for decades, finds healing in Christian hands.


Credit Card Debt Dangers
Observers weigh in on debt's indication of lack of faith, danger, and potential immorality.
Readers Write
Readers respond to the March issue of CT.
Good Christian [Bleep!]
The provocative title of a proposed TV show is not the problem. We are.
Remember the Red Sea
Why not capitalize on the richness and mystery of our ancient symbols?


People of the Nook
What Bible smartphone apps tell us about the Book.
Reforming the Reformed
Calvinists, says one Calvinist, misunderstand some of their history and theology. A review of 'Ten Myths About Calvinism.'
My Top 5 Books on Forgiveness
Picks from Catherine Claire Larson, author of 'As We Forgive.'
America as a Christian Nation? Cherry-Picking from the Past
Christian claims about the United States' origins need grounding in historical fact.
Tempted and Tried
Temptation and the triumph of Christ.
Wilson's Bookmarks
Brief Reviews of 'How Much Land Does a Man Need,' 'The Alpine Tales,' and 'Life, The Universe, And Everything.'
Christianizing the Social Network
Tim Challies looks at emerging technology through a theological lens.
King James Goes to the Movies
Two documentaries look at the making of the KJV.
Books to Note
Short reviews of 'Radical Together,' 'The Legacy of the King James Bible,' and 'Hitler in the Crosshairs.'


Reformed Rap and Hip-Hop
Christian genre pioneers are taking their cues from Calvinist leaders.
Go Figure
Recent stats on Islam, persecution and megachurches.
Quotation Marks
Eugene Peterson's endorsement, Christopher Hitchens on hope, and Alan Chambers on being offensive.
Confronting Fake Pastors
Ghana's church planting boom has left denominations struggling to keep opportunists out of pulpits.
Urban Planters: Building off Believers?
Who fills the pews of the Big Apple?
Passages: 'Fraudbuster' Pleads Guilty, Lynne Hybels* Appointed, & More
Recent deaths, elections and awards in the Christian world.
Choice Targets
Priest sues pro-life watchdog for defamation.
Should Faith Healing be Legally Protected?
Observers weigh in on homicide charges for parents who choose faith healing rather than medical care for their children.
Staying on a Mission
While scandals rock the microfinance industry, Christian nonprofits diversify their efforts to help the poor.

More from this Issue

Happy Surprises
They seem to be piling up with this issue.
Fraternizing with the Enemy
Paul Louis Metzger engages those outside the faith.