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April 27 , 1998
Volume 42, Number 5
April 27
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Table of Contents
Two feminist scholars write about women you'll recognize.
Why radical feminists can't hear the good words John Paul II has for women.
The rewards of N. T. Wright's historical recovery of Jesus are great—but he raises more questions than he answers.
And what they lost in the process.
How journalist Cynthia Gorney has helped both sides of the abortion debate to view the other side honestly.
Can anything good come from Nazareth? Watts? Orange County? Doubleday?
Nobody made a larger impact on the movement to end slavery.
It was truly like a contemporary Golgotha many times over.
If Americans truly understood what adultery does—that it leads to the disintegration of the human being—they would not dismiss it so lightly.
Pastor Acquitted in Ceremony Trial
Is Holocaust Museum Anti Christian?
Crowds Exceed Palau's Expectations
Christians Help Reform Constitution
Evangelical Mission Torched by Mob
Court Upholds Right to Evangelize
Regina Schwartz argues that the way to peace is by killing off monotheism.
Bagfuls of books on this subject showed me I wasn't struggling alone.
Millions lost in double-your-money scam.
Departing leader calls for better use of resources.
Once-abused children demand accountability.
No, despite what a biased film at the tax-supported Holocaust Museum implies.
Courts Divided on Scouting
Federal Judges Block Restrictions
Top Story July 20, 2018
Unfriending Convenience
Unfriending Convenience
Why Christians are called to inefficiency in an age of easy living.