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January 8 , 2001
Volume 45, Number 1
January 8
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Table of Contents
Why charismatics and evangelicals, among others, are flocking to communities famous for set prayers and worshiping by the clock
Structured daily prayers can be traced back to the times of David and Daniel
Worship to be observed between 5 and 8 p.m
It's more than rap; it's a subculture with no geographic boundaries. And Christian ministries are there.
dc Talk's Toby McKeehan sees hip-hop as life music.
However future historians judge him, the President—inadvertently—left the church a significant legacy.
A career slump gave quarterback Trent Dilfer insight into his faith—and the faith-hype within the NFL.
Young pro Danny Wuerffel faces an uncertain future—full of exciting options in Christ.
What's behind the current outbreak of hostilities in the Holy Land?
A timeline of trials for the most contested piece of real estate in the world
Fairfield, Iowa, of all places, is now a major world center for Transcendental Meditation, and local Christians are figuring out how to best evangelize the Maharishi's devotees.
The basic concepts of neo-Vedanta philosophy
Jim Sieber found Christ more sufficient than self-realization
Neither candidate made courageous choices after the election
An evangelical's faith generated shrill criticism in a nation known for its tolerance.
Do we want magic or God?
Let us acknowledge, and even mourn, what we lose when worship meets media
Can we expect God to forgive unbelievers who don't know what they are doing?
Jay Bakker (yes, Jim and Tammy Faye's son) describes his continuing recovery from church-inflicted wounds.
A Yale law professor—and fellow evangelical—warns about the costs of politics.
Christians (and the god-haunted) make inroads into new territory
Poll-driven elections turn voters into self-seeking consumers
Will the White House be user-friendly for religious organizations?
'Born Alive' Bill Fails in Senate
A few victories, but more losses for conservatives
Alleged abuse of power leads to historic vote for Church of God in Christ
Luis Palau tweaks crusade model into evangelistic festivals.
Ecumenical organization to receive $400,000
How fast can you fill those little cups?
Congolese Christians won't allow a civil war to curtail outreach, church-planting.
Are evangelical Lutherans a 'doomed species'?
Guerrilla group reassures church leaders of their safety
Will religious fighting lead Kenya to convert to Shari'ah like some Nigerian states?
Memorable Speech'
Top Story May 21, 2018
God Hates Gun Violence
God Hates Gun Violence
We American Christians have a biblical call to reduce firearm deaths in our land.