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September 9 2002, 2002
Volume 46, Number 10
September 9
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Cover Story

Doors into Islam
September 11 has only intensified the dangers and rewards of Muslim evangelism
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Doctrine Still Matters
Christianity Today reflects on handling doctrinal issues
Pocket Idolatry
New religious figurines let you take Francis of Assisi wherever you go
Expecting a Flood of Tourists
A replica of Noah's Ark is planned for Turkey
Darkness at Jesus' Tomb
A fight breaks out on the roof of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre
Go Figure
What percentage of Americans believe in heaven?
"Cloning: President's Council on Bioethics recommends a partial ban, disappointing some conservatives"
President's Council on Bioethics recommends a four-year moratorium on research cloning
"Southern Baptists: Interfaith activity will cost D.C. Convention $476,000 in denominational funding."
"SBC pulls support, saying interfaith gatherings were harmful"
Freedom fighters: Groups protest Sudan policy stalemate.
Observers say there's a long road to go for peace
Navy wins suit: Pentecostal chaplain plans to appeal discrimination case ruling.
"'Non-liturgical' chaplains complain of bias in Naval promotion, hiring"
Evolving standards: Intelligent Design advocates ask Ohio to broaden origins discussion in public schools
Opponents say the movement is trying to do an end run around science
Legal setback: Messianic Jews lose exclusive rights to use menorah symbol.
Official mark status revoked for Chosen People Ministries' design
India: Christians reach out to war-weary Muslims in Kashmir.
"Wearied by violence, thousands interested in the Prince of Peace."
Spain: Christians fear AIDS media campaign may ignore how people get the disease.
"Yet Christian leaders say stigma, not neglect, is the bigger problem"
New Top Anglican Receives Mixed Reviews
"Appointee is against abortion, for gay ordination, and not from the Third World"
Netherlands: Devout Christian becomes prime minister.
Cautious Dutch evangelicals take a wait-and-see stance concerning new leader
Columbia: terrorist kill two more evangelical pastors.
Two church leaders ambushed in August
Transcending Security
The rightful fear of anthrax is not the beginning of wisdom
"Children First, Schools Next"
Christian parents should not face social stigma for removing kids from public schools
Deconstructing Islam
Apologist Jay Smith takes a confrontational approach
The Little School in the Living Room Grows Up
A homeschooling mom visits one of the largest conventions in the country and notes how this form of alternative education has changed—to the chagrin of traditionalists
No Dissing This Learning
"Homeschools do as well, if not better, than their classroom counterparts"
You Can Take the Boy out of the Barrio…
"But nothing has been able to take the barrio out of Jesse Miranda, the uniting force for Hispanic Protestants in the U.S"
Vietnam's Hidden Tragedy
American church leaders manipulated as communists cover up abuse of tribal Christians
Matters of the Heart
Quotations to Stir Heart and Mind
The Long View: Globalists R Us
But there's no guarantee this will always be true
Saving Africa
The story of forgotten missionary hero William Sheppard is finally told
Standup for Jesus
The story of forgotten missionary hero William Sheppard is finally told
God's Funeral
What will keep faith from nearly disappearing in America?