The Magazine

November 2003
Volume 47, Number 11
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Table of Contents
Bruce Wilkinson expands his borders to include racial reconciliation and HIV/AIDS
"Deaths, promotions, and other tidbits from the religion world."
Men involved in abortion are starting to find help
Bush levels playing field for faith-based groups
Communist leaders invite even Christians to help the poor
Potential converts must ask permission
"Shot down in 2001, missionary Jim Bowers moves on"
"Churches help with refugees, hunger, and the lasting trauma brought on by war"
Dave Hemstreet was a CTI number cruncher who discerned God's hand and listened for his voice
Why we should still give Scripture pride of place
"Church organs, Hell House, and The Blair Witch Project in the news"
Critics of Gibson's film The Passion distort the truth
Quotations to stir the heart and mind
The Creed defines the game of faith without exhausting its excitement
What is the difference between the heavenly 'paradise' that Christ promised the thief on the cross and the kingdom of God?
United by Faith looks for answers to the problem of race
Paul Brand showed how to serve others sacrificially and emerge with joy
How one woman fought for a just tax
Bruce Wilkinson and his son teach the hungry to feed themselves
Luke Timothy Johnson talks about the importance of the creed—even for non-creedal Christians
Christopher Hall talks about how evangelicals should approach the church fathers
Church signs—and billboards—attract passersby
"Getting and spending, we lay waste our powers"
"Statistics on Protestant wealth, megachurches, and British Christians and Muslims"
"Recent quotes on Scottish gospel music, church bingo, and perpetual prayer"
"John Eldredge calls men, and now women, to a mythical, mystical adventure of faith"
Islam in Context shows a religion at a crossroads
The Gospel According to Tolkien reveals a deeply Christian work
An interview with a sex trafficking survivor
Home Is Always the Place You Just Left reminds readers that only Jesus satisfies the deepest longing
How the coolest man in the music industry became that way while singing about Jesus and the Cross
"This past summer, pundits predicted that Iraqis would resent Franklin Graham's ministry. What really happened when the workers showed up?"
"Each year, two million women and children worldwide have sex with strangers only because someone kidnaps them and threatens to kill them. You may have passed some of these victims on the street"
Alabama's fiscal debate exposes a divide between Christians
Giving decreases surprise observers
Top Story July 17, 2018
How to Witness to a Distracted World
How to Witness to a Distracted World
Effective Christian evangelism and discipleship requires us to be disruptive.