August (Web-only) 2005

Religious Media Frown Upon This VirginSubscriber Access Only
Christian film critics chastise The 40-Year-Old Virgin, mixed on Valiant, treat Red Eye, and cross off Supercross: The Movie. Plus, more reviews of Saint Ralph, The Great Raid, Murderball, Broken Flowers, and the new DVD release of The Flowers of St. Francis.
Great Raid, Great Reviews ...MostlySubscriber Access Only
Christian film critics mostly praise The Great Raid, and review Four Brothers, Saint Ralph, The Skeleton Key, Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo, and Grizzly Man.
Dukes Are Hazzardous to Your HealthSubscriber Access Only
Christian critics are not amused by The Dukes of Hazzard, but are applauding Bill Murray in Broken Flowers and a boy and his cheetah in Duma. Plus, more reviews of Sky High, March of the Penguins, Murderball, and Stealth.
Tired of Explosions and Mindless Action?Subscriber Access Only
Stealth just the latest noisy thriller to crash and burn at the box office. But Sky High gets, ahem, high marks and Must Love Dogs gets mixed reactions. Plus more on March of the Penguins, Murderball, Rize, The Beautiful Country, The Island, and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
Our Uniquely Undisciplined MomentSubscriber Access Only
Formal accountability has been a core part of church life from its earliest days.
Dallas Seminary Sued Over Abuse ClaimsSubscriber Access Only
Plus: University of California system won't take students from Christian high school, 24 more newspaper editorials on Pat Robertson, and many other news stories from online sources around the world.
Why You Can't Stop Pat RobertsonSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Researchers question fetal pain, Brother Roger's funeral, Silver Ring Thing loses federal funds, and other stories from online sources around the world.
ID Versus CreationismSubscriber Access Only
The grassroots activists and scientific theorists don't see eye to eye.
Just Us Sunday 2: This Time, It's ImpersonalSubscriber Access Only
Plus: ELCA's votes on gay unions and clergy, Time covers "Warren of Rwanda," and many other stories from online sources around the world.
The Sin of Talking to a ReporterSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Nigerian e-mail scam kills a church, suit over supposed ban on Declaration of Independence settled, NCC opposes Justice Sunday II, and other stories from online sources around the world.
ELCA Offers Alternative to 'Father, Son, and Holy Spirit'Subscriber Access Only
Plus: Roberts said Weyerich "no friend," New York wants to ban church use of schools, Anne says Billy at peace, and other stories from online sources around the world.
Weblog Bonus: Peter Jennings, a Force for Religion ReportingSubscriber Access Only
Searching for religion angles invigorated his reporting and brought "new spark" to his own faith.
Will Pro-Family Groups Be Upset with Roberts's Gay-Rights Work?Subscriber Access Only
Plus: Iraq and Kenya debate Islamic role in draft constitutions, Native American religious freedom battles, and other stories from online sources around the world.
Two Sad ResignationsSubscriber Access Only
Christian Reformed Church's Calvin Bremer, United Methodist David Seamands admit misconduct. Plus: responses to Bush's ID comments, Senate punishes evangelical Air Force Academy leader, fearing the megachurch, and other stories from online sources around the world.
Sudan After GarangSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Why religious believers should oppose the flag desecration amendment, and other stories from online sources around the world.
The Constant GardenerSubscriber Access Only
Horror: The Perfect Christian GenreSubscriber Access Only
Scott Derrickson, co-writer and director of the upcoming film The Exorcism of Emily Rose, says horror movies are an excellent way for a Christian filmmaker to address things of faith.
The Brothers GrimmSubscriber Access Only
The CaveSubscriber Access Only
Latin American Evangelicals' Life Just Got HarderSubscriber Access Only
Pat Robertson's assassination call is more than just an ill-considred remark.
Judge Overturns $11.5 Million Big Idea JudgmentSubscriber Access Only
Appeals court reverses copyright law decision that helped to put VeggieTales in bankruptcy.
Billy Graham, FilmmakerSubscriber Access Only
World Wide Pictures was a major part of the evangelist’s ministry.
Billy Graham's Top FiveSubscriber Access Only
For more than 50 years, the evangelist's organization has been making films for the purpose of bringing viewers to Christ. And it's worked—more than 2 million times.
Changed Lives: LutherSubscriber Access Only
The daily gift of new life
Red EyeSubscriber Access Only
ValiantSubscriber Access Only
A New SongSubscriber Access Only
Taize's unique congregational singing is artistic, yet waits on the Spirit.
Habitat's New President Reaffirms Christian Identity, MinistrySubscriber Access Only
A former business executive and executive pastor, Jonathan Reckford says Habitat will continue founder's mission.
This Article Is Rated RSubscriber Access Only
What our readers really think of R-rated movies—and how they decide which ones to watch, and which ones to avoid.
Liberating FaithSubscriber Access Only
When Korea threw off Japanese rule in 1945, it was as much a victory for the church as for the nation.
The Great RaidSubscriber Access Only
The Skeleton KeySubscriber Access Only
Brave New PuppySubscriber Access Only
Introducing our new life ethics weblog.
Planned Parenthood Affiliate Quietly Removes Cartoon Advocating Violence Against Pro-lifersSubscriber Access Only
Christian and pro-life groups say attack is supported by tax dollars.
From Disgrace to SageSubscriber Access Only
Jonathan Aitken says having gone from political power to prison helped him write his extensive biography of Charles Colson.
What If They Threw a Judicial Confirmation Battle and Nobody Came?Subscriber Access Only
Though Roberts nomination looks certain, groups say they'll spend resources on the debate—and set the stage for the next one.
Taking Back the MusicSubscriber Access Only
Black women are questioning mainstream hip-hop portrayals of them in new ways. But the discussion isn't limited to African-Americans, women or even to hip-hop lovers. So how can we redeem the genre?
The 40-Year-Old VirginSubscriber Access Only
Broken FlowersSubscriber Access Only
The Dukes of HazzardSubscriber Access Only
DumaSubscriber Access Only
Saint RalphSubscriber Access Only
Iraqis in U.S. Won't Vote on ConstitutionSubscriber Access Only
Christian minorities fear Shari'ah law will force a continued exodus from Iraq.
Pilgrims' Mixed ProgressSubscriber Access Only
At least UCC's 'Jesus is Lord' resolution encourages evangelicals.
Frist's FollySubscriber Access Only
Killing human embryos for research is not pro-life.
How to Think the UnthinkableSubscriber Access Only
The lessons of Herman Kahn.
Of Mice and LionsSubscriber Access Only
Anna Popplewell, who plays Susan in the upcoming Narnia movie, fell in love with Aslan when she first met him as a 7-year-old bookworm. But those mice at the Stone Table? Now that's a different story.
Have Crossover Artists Sold Out?Subscriber Access Only
"They're more carnal than spiritual," one writer claims in a response to our recent commentary about the crumbling divide between secular and sacred music.
Bono: Grace over KarmaSubscriber Access Only
RebornSubscriber Access Only
Souls' ChapelSubscriber Access Only
SubjectsSubscriber Access Only

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