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November 2006
Volume 50, Number 11
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Table of Contents
Philip Jenkins on how global South Christians read the Bible.
A new textbook tackles the changing world of missions.
How one modest-sized church in North Carolina is making a big difference in the heart of Africa.
Agnieszka Tennant moves on.
Despite increasing repression, the life of Christ emerges in surprising ways.
Prison Fellowship president Mark Earley talks about challenges the ministry faces.
Learning to regard people in light of what they suffer.
It's time we figured out how to talk--and listen--to one another.
An Asian Pentecostal argues that we need to know what the church is before we figure out what the church does.
Will Self's The Book of Dave
Wendell Berry is inspiring a new generation of Christians to care for the land.
John Fanestil finds a model for today in the old tradition of the happy death.
A radically old way to reach out to a friendless culture.
A Guide to the Christian Practice of Contemplation
Tim Stafford interprets Jesus' life for a new generation in Surprised by Jesus.
What a dead bluebird taught Walter Martin about defending the faith.
Ruth A. Tucker writes about how small churches are doing Christ's work.
It's hard to see the humanity of tiny embryos if we live by blind faith.
Jesus rules! But that doesn't mean we yearn for a state ruled by the church.
Respected religion journalist retains a clear affection for evangelicals.
Ohio leaders draft a 'mighty army' to fight the 'secular jihad.'
Quotations to stir heart and mind.
Embryonic stem cells factor in the race for Henry Hyde's U.S. House seat.
What happens when we lose confidence in the church.
Law 6 is in jeopardy as elections approach.
The former speaker of the House of Representatives on conservative Christians and politics.
Gov. Jennifer Granholm vs. Dick DeVos and the economy.
Races where evangelicals play a decisive role in the November election. Today: U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania.
Beckwith granted tenure, Simpson's new president, and other stories from online sources around the world.
Harry Jackson says it's time for a new civil rights movement and a new black church.
Recent statements from Kerry, Dobson, Osteen, and Bush.
Anne Lamott's sequel to 'Traveling Mercies'.
FDA approval for Plan B does not quell criticism.
Recent statistics on how many evangelicals believe in astrology, the Religious Right, and other data.
American pundits debate whether centralized religious authority restrains violence.
Gallery owners allege fraud by Thomas Kinkade.
Burned churches in Nigeria and Indonesia, plus a Baptist Foundation of Arizona update.
NBC broadcasts pare down God talk.
Christian woman's case may determine whether Malaysians can leave Islam.
Calvin Seminary's first female professor alleges sex discrimination.
Georgetown's Protestant chaplain bars evangelical groups from campus.
Catholic villagers attack Baptists, vandalize church.
Top Story April 23, 2018
Willow Creek Promises Investigation Amid New Allegations Against Bill Hybels
Willow Creek Promises Investigation Amid New Allegations Against Bill Hybels
“We are sorry,” elder board says as more women claim misconduct.