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June 2011
Volume 55, Number 6
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Table of Contents
The center of the evolution debate has shifted from asking whether we came from earlier animals to whether we could have come from one man and one woman.
How end times theories shape the ways we view our earthly abode.
Political gains by U.S. conservatives unleash waves of anti-abortion legislation.
The duo thinks of creation care not as an onerous duty but a natural response to the goodness of God.
Christians call for solemn reflection and thanksgiving.
Recent stats on science, health, and more.
Recent comments on website blocking, life expectancy, religion in the workplace, and other topics.
Regime's antagonism is increasing Christianity's appeal.
Ruling means threat to pastor tax break may have lost its legs.
Observers discuss whether the U.S. ambassador to China should worship at an unregistered church to 'publicly identify with the persecuted.'
Increase in state licenses prompts conscience clashes.
The recovering crack addict and baseball superstar knows he's special, but it's a special that cuts two ways.
A Swedish Christian businessman swindled friends, family, and missionaries of millions of dollars.
Readers respond to the April issue of CT.
The historical Adam debate won't be resolved tomorrow, so stay engaged.
Observers weigh in on pot morality.
The lazy culprit behind our busyness.
Dr. King's response to critical clergy is full of lessons for today.
Book Reviews:
How the anti-Christian philosopher prepared me to hear the gospel.
Rational proofs alone do not a Christian make.
Ben Witherington sets earthly labor in kingdom context. A review of 'Work: A Kingdom Perspective on Labor.'
Picks from Shane Hipps, author of 'Flickering Pixels: How Technology Shapes Your Faith.'
Discovering grace, community, and mission around the table
Brief Reviews of 'The Pleasures of reading in an age of Distraction,' 'Resonant Witness,' and 'Clear And Simple As The Truth.'
Church and state can join hands to prevent crime and reform criminals.
Music Reviews:
The music we sing, in and out of church, is more varied and interesting than we've been led to believe.
What kind of Christians do contemporary services produce?
In Every Issue
It's time for a difficult, grace-filled family meeting.
Why Jonathan Golden helps farmers in Rwanda.
Have Mercy as God Has Mercy
Have Mercy as God Has Mercy
Mercy is what holiness looks like in the lives of God's children.