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July/August 2017
Volume 61, Number 6
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Table of Contents
How to Find Hope in the Humanless Economy
Robots could take half of our jobs in the next decade. Here’s why Christians have nothing to fear.
Latino congregations are launching their own international partnerships to support ministries and churches in their homelands.
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Why churches are turning to club music to elevate praise.
A new focus on the family is changing how Christians care for abandoned and neglected children.
Pulitzer Prize–winner Frances FitzGerald looks at the long history behind evangelical political activism.
Jesus’ transformation on the mountain might have more to do with us than we think.
Only a vibrant inner life can sustain the activist’s soul.
We don't have to always be doing something useful.
Measuring meekness can help the church as long as we remember the only One who had something to brag about.
Are Christians Donating Too Directly to Missions?
When helping hurts the professional helpers.
Important developments in the church and the world (as they appeared in our July/August issue).
Both pilgrims and pleasure seekers allow Arab believers to resist exodus amid ISIS.
You Have God's Blessing to Say 'God Bless America'
Why a faith that transcends all nations leaves room for patriotic devotion.
When our life unravels, He holds the threads.
Amid persecution and a travel ban, Iran’s youth want community and transformation from within.
What really keeps us engaged with the discipline of studying Scripture.
Spiritual Longing on the Silver Screen
How the makers (and watchers) of movies are engaged in a kind of prayer.
God's people can't unite against the Enemy when half of them are on the sidelines.
From John Wilson, editor of Education & Culture at
Why theologian Matthew Bates would have evangelicals profess ‘allegiance’ to Christ.
An excerpt from 'The Grace of Dogs.'
In Every Issue
Our July/Aug Issue: The Upside of Disruption
How unwelcome change can lead to a fuller life.
Responses to our May issue via letters, tweets, and Facebook posts.
I saw an American soldier reading his Bible, and I wanted to know more.
Seeking the Body and Blood Behind Bars
Seeking the Body and Blood Behind Bars
When I wanted to take Communion in prison, I had to “steal” it.