Speaking Out

Why Do We Want AI to Interpret Scripture?
The history of American Bible interpretation can give us some answers.
How AI Short-Circuits Art
When we cut out creative processes, we diminish what gives art its true value.
The Black Church Models a Different Conversation About ‘Gender Roles’
How women’s roles have changed in the Black church.
Myanmar’s Christians: As Our Churches Burn and People Flee, We Need the US’s Help
The Biden administration and the global church can do more to help the Chin people in Myanmar.
Christian Imagination Can Change Our Culture Wars
Stories and parables can heal division.
The Middle Ground Leads to Nowhere
Neutrality doesn’t work in church. But we can recover the heart of our faith.
How to Handle Toxic Friendships
3 tools to help us develop empathy.
Reclaiming MLK Jr.’s ‘Dream’ 60 Years Later
How we can better engage with the famous March on Washington speech.
In Search of Non-Toxic Male Sexuality
Can we recover a healthy, Christ-honoring vision for masculinity?
The Danger of Forcing Forgiveness
We must be wary of wrongly using the biblical command in order to silence victims of abuse.
The Problem with Christian Book Endorsements
Publishers and authors have played along by pushing celebrity blurbs—but it’s time to rewrite the rules of promotion.
Words Are Holy. So Why Don’t We Talk Like They Are?
Christians should cherish words in a disposable age.
Roe Is Over. But Its Libertarian Spirit Lives On.
Misguided views of freedom plague America’s pro-abortion culture and the pro-life church.
After Answered Prayers for Damar Hamlin, What’s Next?
The faith intertwined with American football may also call us to care better for the players whose bodies bear the brunt of the sport.
Remember the Murdered Babies of Bethlehem at Christmas
Herod’s massacre of the innocents in Matthew 2 challenges us to participate in the “groans” of God’s world.
Why ‘Persecuted’ Is Not the Best Way to Describe Christians in the Gulf
While restrictions on religion remain, most Arab nations pass the tolerance test enough for Christian ministry to continue.
Is Europe Post-Christian or Pre-Revival?
As a missionary to this “prodigal continent,” here's how I see church planting, the prayer movement, and diaspora churches making a difference.
From Holistic Health to a Holistic Gospel
Wellness culture has infiltrated the church. Scripture casts a different vision.
Everything You Need to Know About the Respect for Marriage Act
The law recently advanced by the US Senate doesn’t deny religious liberty to those who support traditional unions.
Should We Cancel Luther and Calvin?
The Reformers believed in burning heretics. Making sense of that grave mistake means looking first at ourselves.

Top Story December 3, 2023

‘Jesus’ Is Getting Animated
‘Jesus’ Is Getting Animated
The Cru film ministry is working on a next-generation remake of the iconic 1979 movie seen by millions.

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