Speaking Out

Who Pays the Price for Crisis Pregnancies?
Early pro-life advocates said “no” to abortion and “yes” to social safety nets for mothers. But most of today’s movement has lost that approach.
No todos los provida están celebrando
El profeta Jeremías nos enseña que el lamento bíblico por el aborto no es apático ni tiene aires de triunfalismo.
4 Post-Roe Policies Worth Pushing For
Supporting unborn children requires more than government, but not less.
What Does a Pro-Life Economy Look Like?
Abortion has been a national institution for nearly 50 years. Where should Christians spend their pro-life dollars now?
White Churches, It’s Time to Go Pro-Life on Guns
The Christian majority in America needs to shake off its malaise and work with Black pastors to end shooting violence.
Una iglesia cubana destruida se encuentra en un lugar privilegiado para el turismo
Devastada tras la explosión de un hotel de La Habana, la histórica iglesia bautista El Calvario —al igual que muchas otras congregaciones de la isla— se enfrentará a una larga batalla con el gobierno para restaurar su edificio.
The Uvalde School Shooting Sends Me to Matthew 18
Jesus gave specific instructions on caring for the “little ones.” The Texas tragedy suggests the church has gravely fallen short.
A Destroyed Cuban Church Sits on Prime Tourism Real Estate
Devastated in the Havana hotel explosion, the historic Calvary Baptist Church—like many other congregations across the island—will face a drawn-out battle with the government to restore its building.
Sobreviví a un tiroteo. He aquí algunas sugerencias sobre cómo orar por las víctimas.
Necesitamos algo más que simples palabras de consuelo.
Pastors in the Valley of Death Row
While a win for religious liberty, the Ramirez ruling will take a traumatic toll on an already burdened profession.
Abortion Bans Should Ban Abortion
Miscarriage and ectopic pregnancies are not abortion. Pro-life Christians urge clear distinctions in state laws.
How Seminary Downsizing Cuts into Community
Selling a residential campus comes at the cost of embodied fellowship.
Vote as a Christian, Not Because You Are Christian
Lebanese evangelicals—like believers worldwide—often approach elections torn between hope and despair. But with a major vote looming, do they have a biblical mandate to participate?
Why Not All Pro-Lifers are Celebrating
Like the prophet Jeremiah, a biblical lament for abortion is neither apathetic nor triumphant.
How Shall We Now Grieve Abortion?
After Roe v. Wade is overturned, we must find new ways to turn our mourning into action.
Being a Political Journalist Made Me a Better Christian
While many Christians are hostile towards news media, my faith grew deeper because of it.
Christians Should Lead the Way in Diversity and Equity
Our faith encourages us to give unto others the same sense of belonging we have received.
We Have No More Tears Left
Ukraine’s history has been marked by tragedy and bravery. What can we learn and how can we pray?
3 Lessons for Chinese Churches from Herman Bavinck
The Dutch theologian’s concern for the catholic, contextual, and public nature of the Christian faith can help congregations overcome sectarianism and stereotypes.
Gov. DeSantis, Let My Ministry Serve Migrant Kids
In preventing care for unaccompanied minors, Florida’s governor is interfering with US law and religious freedoms.

Top Story June 30, 2022

Who Pays the Price for Crisis Pregnancies?
Who Pays the Price for Crisis Pregnancies?
Early pro-life advocates said “no” to abortion and “yes” to social safety nets for mothers. But most of today’s movement has lost that approach.

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